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The best game/match of magic you've ever played in

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:53 am    Post subject: The best game/match of magic you've ever played in Reply with quote

I was thinking back to some of my best magic in the past, and remembered my invitational split in the finals with Tird_Ape. Well that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for a great round 2 battle against Kaesh. It was easily the best magic I've ever played, and it just so happened it was the feature match that day. I'd like you guys to share your best magic games ever!

Here is the feature match coverage of my game.

11th April Standard Invitational
Written by SarcasticRat
Sunday, 11 April 2010 19:25

Round Two: Kaesh vs. Ffancrzy

Due to its exclusive nature, the magic-league invitational gathers star-studded matchups even in the earliest rounds. For April 11th's invitational, one of the toughest fields in magic-league history was assembled. This tournament would have no weak scrub players who don't know how to use MWS, incompetent tournament coordinators, or horrible T2 decks that never should have seen the light of day. The sheer competency of the field was evident from the featured round two matchup, pitting two magic-league veterans in the prime of their careers: Kaesh and Ffancrzy. As the players shuffled up for their match, they knew what was on the line -- only one of them would get the win, and get one step closer to magic-league immortality and a hefty 90 dollar cash prize.

Kaesh won the die roll decisively, with a 16 dominating Ffancrzy's meek 11. Both chose to draw seven cards at the beginning of the match, which I found surprising. They both kept their hands, and Kaesh led off with a Goblin Guide, dropping Ffancrzy to 18. Ffancrzy didn't hit a land and merely put a Lavaclaw Reaches into play tapped on his turn. Kaesh kept the heat on, popping an Arid Mesa and playing a Plated Geopede before sending Ffancrzy to 16. The Geopede would die to a Searing Blaze on Ffancrzy's turn, dropping Kaesh to 16, but Kaesh shrugged it off and smacked the vulnerable Ffancrzy with a Hellspark Elemental, which along with Guide sent Ffancrzy to 12.

Ffancrzy began to mount a counter-attack on his next turn, with an explosive Hell's Thunder that dropped Kaesh to 12. Kaesh unearthed his Hellspark Elemental and hit Ffancrzy for 5 more, dropping him to 7. Ffancrzy came back with his own Hellspark Elemental and another Goblin Guide, throwing Kaesh down to 7 as well. These decks are oddly mirroring each other for some reason that I'm not entirely sure of, but I assure you readers that once I figure it out, I will report back.

Kaesh's offensive was brought to a halt, as his Goblin Guide was burned to a fiery death by Burst Lightning. Ffancrzy sought to bring an end to this madness on his turn, playing another Hell's Thunder and attacking with it and the Goblin Guide. Kaesh pondered his options for a bit, before burning out the Hell's Thunder with a Lightning Bolt and Burst Lightning combo and dropping to 5. With Ffancrzy at a precarious 6 life, Kaesh went for the kill on his turn with the legendary Ball Lightning, but it was quickly shot down by a Lightning Bolt in another sad case of lightning-on-lightning violence. People, if we improve their schools and show them some respect, we can eliminate this type of tragedy within our lifetimes.

Anyways, Ffancrzy looked to end the match on his turn, with a Hellspark Elemental along with his Goblin Guide. Kaesh had no answers, and Ffancrzy took a huge 1-0 lead in this critical match.

Ffancrzy 1 Kaesh 0

After some unfortunate MWS connection issues, the players were ready to go for game two. Kaesh chose to play first again, even after it failed him in game one, and simply played a mountain before passing the turn. Personally, I would have played a Goblin Guide there, but I suppose that's why I write the coverage and they play the matches. Ffancrzy also did virtually nothing on his turn, choosing to just play an Akoum Refuge to go to 21. Kaesh threw a Lightning Bolt at his face to drop him to 18 at end of turn (I still would have played Goblin Guide), then threw Ffancrzy to 15 with a Hellspark Elemental on his turn. Ffancrzy played a Scalding Tarn and passed the turn, and Kaesh did likewise on his turn.

Ffancrzy finally went on the offensive his next turn with a Goblin Guide, but it ran into a Burst Lightning from Kaesh. Both lost a life from popping fetch lands, and Ffancrzy hit Kaesh with a Lightning Bolt to drop him to 13. Ffancrzy then played Hell's Thunder, and Kaesh was down to 12. Kaesh hit Ffancrzy with a Quenchable Fire, and, unable to quench it, Ffancrzy had no choice but to go to 11 life. Ffancrzy played another mountain, and was dropped to 8 on Kaesh's turn by the vastly inferior sequel to Quenchable Fire. Ffancrzy played a kickered Burst Lightning which dropped Kaesh to 8. Ffancrzy's Hellspark Elemental was quashed by a Searing Blaze, and a Lightning Bolt from Kaesh dropped Ffancrzy to a mere 3 life, while Kaesh was left at 5 after the Hellspark Elemental was unearthed.

Kaesh looked to stop the burning with two valuable Dragon's Claws, which would make it that much tougher for Ffancrzy to pull this one out. Ffancrzy was not going to give up though, and an unearthed Hell's Thunder dropped Kaesh to a miniscule 1 life. He went for the win with a Lightning Bolt, which temporarily put Kaesh up to 3 but then would ideally kill him. Kaesh had other plans however, and he played a Burst Lightning to gain two more life and drop Ffancrzy to 1. Kaesh was left at 2. I have a feeling this game may be just about over. Sure enough, I was right, and Kaesh finished off Ffancrzy with a lethal Hellspark Elemental to force a decisive game three in this epic match.

Ffancrzy 1 Kaesh 1

Ffancrzy got off to a bad start in game three, as for some reason he decided to play a hand with six cards instead of seven, then only played a mountain. Kaesh dropped a Scalding Tarn, which was popped so he could play a Burst Lightning on Ffancrzy's Plated Geopede the next turn. Kaesh struck gold on his next turn, dropping the dreaded Dragon's Claw and giving himself a significant edge in this game. Ffancrzy played another Geopede, but Kaesh shrugged it off and played a second Dragon's Claw. This piece of savage sideboard technology has clearly made a difference in the games thus far. Ffancrzy got a land and hit Kaesh with Geopede to drop him to 17, then played a Blightning which only did one damage to Kaesh but removed a valuable Plated Geopede and Teetering Peaks from his hand.

Kaesh played Ball Lightning on his turn, gaining two life and dealing six to Ffancrzy to drop him to 14. Ffancrzy popped two fetch lands to drop to 12, but created a massive 7/7 Geopede in the process. He followed with another Blightning, which removed a Quenchable Fire and Ball Lightning from Kaesh's hand, along with a Goblin Guide. A large attack dropped Kaesh to 10 life, and it looked like momentum was on Ffancrzy's side here despite the Dragon's Claws. However, Kaesh dealt a huge blow with a Burst Lightning to knock out the Geopede and get himself up to 12 life. The Goblin Guide dropped Kaesh back to 10 the next turn.

The Goblin Guide met his demise on Ffancrzy's next turn at the hands of a Lightning Bolt, which put Kaesh up to 12 once again. Both players were out of gas and played lands and passed their next couple turns. Ffancrzy finally hit something and played a Hellspark Elemental, but it could only hit for one damage against Kaesh's Dragon's Claws. Kaesh popped a fetch land to drop back to 10. Ffancrzy was still undeterred, and a fresh Hellspark Elemental along with an unearthed one dropped Kaesh to 6. Kaesh continued to play passively, only playing a mountain and passing his turn. The other Hellspark Elemental was unearthed as well and Kaesh was down to just 3 life.

Kaesh found yet another Dragon's Claw on his turn, but Ffancrzy dramatically hit a Ball Lightning that would do just enough damage for the win. Kaesh had no answers for it, and Ffancrzy had pulled off an extremely improbable upset to go to 2-0 and get one tiny step closer to the top eight.

Ffancrzy 2 Kaesh 1
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Same tournament (I believe)

Me and Tird_Ape had the most epic game. Maybe I can find it.

Also speaking of epic:

Me vs. One of the Judge (Forget name).

Goes to Game 5, and we draw.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was playing a 3 player game against my two older brothers. I cast Channel, paid about 18 life, and cycled it through my Initiates of the Ebon Hand for 18 black mana, Then cast Drain Life on my one brother for 16 and killed him.
I paid 16 life from the channel for 16 more colourless, tapped a swamp, and cast Howl from Beyond on a... Scryb Sprite maybe? For +16/+0 and killed my other brother.

Always remembered that game.
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Joined: 17 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Definitely my casual game against the Elves mirror back in my Onslaught days. 4 Wellwishers per side, Soultillers in the decks... the game lasted around three hours till we decided it was futile. Both players played exceptional considering we were both fairly new and this one match led me on the path to competitive Magic.
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Joined: 25 Mar 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My best match was at the pro tour qualifier for PT Charleston, which was Standard team trios, 3 people per team, each player plays a match against a member of the other team, team with the most overall match wins win the round. My team was made up of two of my friends from the comic store, who also happened to be two of the better players there. We adopted the store's name as our team name, and we set off to Underground Games in Charlotte, NC, for a day of Magic, chicks, and craziness.

I say chicks because I had my girlfriend at the time and one of her friends meet us down there since they were gonna be in the neighborhood and wondered what a Magic tournament looked like (they later said it was a nice split of nerds and stoners, which was not as horrible as people would think). Anyway, the day was pretty awesome, I went 6-1, everyone else in my team went 4-3, so we finished the day up 16th out of 50-some teams, missing prize support by 1 spot.

So here are the decks my team ran, so you'll understand my card choices.
Me: Grull Aggro (not beats)
Brandon: Orzhov Aggro-Control
Derek: Ghazi-Glare

So right off the bat, you notice that Derek and I are sharing colors. Hence, I get the Birds, he gets the Llanowars scenarios start happened, but eventually, I have me a pretty good list together.

Ballistic Beatdown
4x Kird Ape
4x Birds of Paradise
4x Silhana Ledgewalker
4x Burning-Tree Shaman
4x Rumbling Slum

4x Volcanic Hammer
4x Char
4x Might of Oaks
4x Moldervine Cloak

Okay, so I don't remember the cards in it right now, but it was something to that effect, but I think I'm leaving out a creature. Anywho, so my best match ever, was in the second to last round, I was in game 3 against some dude playing a Kakusho-control style deck. Both players on my team had won and were watching on as our life totals hovered next to each other. Finally, he was at 4, I was at 3. He had a kakusho in play, I had zip. I knew that I had played only one char so far, so I had 3 left in my deck. I counted my graveyard, added my hand, subtracted from 60, realized that I had 30 cards left, so 1 in 10 was an out. That was a 10% chance for me.

I think my opp knew this too, he was a good opponent.

So I flip the top card of my library onto the table, and the 25 or so people that had gathered around my table to watch the match all let out sounds at the same time. I immediately extended my hand to thank him for a great match, went outside to smoke, got a massage from the gf, and giggled to myself until I had to run back inside and dive under the table before the game loss timer went off.
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Joined: 31 Aug 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I got a girl to fold pocket aces preflop before.

Wait, different game.

Mental magic games are tied for first of the 1000 or so ive played. All epic.
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Joined: 27 Jun 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

my best game ever was when i beat dv8r in a sealed mini. I still have the match saved. It was the hardest match i've ever played. Even counting regionals/states/ptq shit. But my favorite game was summed up like this:

PLAYER #1: "I'll Spellstutter Sprite your Rune Snag."
PLAYER #2: "YES! I Broken Ambitions your Spellstutter Sprite... and finally, my Wren's Run Packmaster resolves!"
PLAYER #3: "I Terror it."
PLAYER #2: "Poop."
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