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Furnace Bombardment [Casual/Budget Standard]

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:58 pm    Post subject: Furnace Bombardment [Casual/Budget Standard] Reply with quote

Hey guys. I was watching a Rise of the Eldrazi Draft video where the guy drafted a really fun looking Furnace Celebration deck. I realized that combined with Eldrazi Spawn, it could make a really fun deck where all my tokens are literally 1 Mana Shocks.

This deck is specifically built to be a very inexpensive STANDARD (T2) deck. I'm probably not going to add any rares unless they just make the deck perfect and I either already have my playset, or they're very inexpensive as this is just a casual deck I'm throwing together.

So anyways here is the list.

2 [ROE] Evolving Wilds
4 [M11] Terramorphic Expanse
7 [SOM] Mountain
6 [SOM] Swamp
4 [SOM] Forest

4 [M11] Bloodthrone Vampire
4 [SOM] Fume Spitter
4 [ROE] Kozilek's Predator
4 [SOM] Moriok Replica
4 [ROE] Nest Invader
2 [ROE] Emrakul's Hatcher

4 [SOM] Furnace Celebration
4 [ROE] Raid Bombardment
3 [ROE] Corpsehatch
2 [M11] Fling
2 [ROE] Brood Birthing

Card Choices

The Namesake: This deck is built around Furnace Celebration and to a lesser extend Raid Bombardment. Both of these red 3 mana enchantments work very well with Eldrazi Spawn and can rack up a ton of damage in a hurry.

The Fodder: Eldrazi Spawn are my main source of fodder, both for Furnace Celebration, where I can sacrifice one and pay 1 other mana to Shock something and Raid Bombardment. Nest Invader and Kozilek's Predator are low on the curve and are my main source of spawn. Emrakul's Hatcher and Brood Birthing both supply many more spawn in the late game

The Removal: While Furnace Celebration can do a fine job at destroying smaller creatures, it often times needs some help. Corpsehatch is great for killing opposing fatties, while also giving me more Spawn to shoot at people. Fume Spitter can kill opposing 3/3's with the help of Furnace Celebration, and even block something else first! Fling can shoot down some bigger enemies, but this card will be expanded on in a second.

The Late Game: Decks like this need some reach. Furnace Celebration and Raid Bombardment will soften up the opponent. Moriok Replica digs further into my deck, while also triggering Raid Bombardment and Furnace Celebration a fine choice. Finally, Bloodthrone Vampire can end games by herself. Attack with her and a bunch of spawn, everyone (including her!) set off any Raid Bombardments you have. Then sac them all to the Vampire, triggering your Furnace Celebration for free. And lastly if that wasn't enough damage, or you got blocked, feel free to Fling the buffed vampire to your opponents dome, that's one explosive turn.

This deck has a ton of Synergies. Heck, even the LANDS can help with the theme, as Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds both trigger Furnace Celebration which means even in the late game, they aren't a dead draw! This deck is a ton of fun to play, and I even beat a bog standard Jace, the Mind Sculptor/Baneslayer Angel/Frost Titan UW control list (despite asking for a CASUAL game). I think the profit margin on my deck beating his is like 10000% when you look at the prices of the decks.

Anyways I hope you enjoy. I wish Furnace Celebration was common so I could go hit up some pauper tournaments with this monstrosity, its a blast to play, so I hope you have some suggestions for me, or just comments and questions.

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