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A Quick Tune-up before FNM tomorrow.

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Joined: 01 May 2009
Posts: 37

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:24 pm    Post subject: A Quick Tune-up before FNM tomorrow. Reply with quote

Hi everyone, my friends and I are heading off to FNM tomorrow, and we're are generally the 'budget' team there. Since my friend decided he'd play WWu Relic, I'm left with MonoB control (another friend is doing Vamps...)

Anyway. So, we've agreed that we like Painful Quandary and have attempted to create a deck based around it as a lock-down, of sorts.

Here is the list:

Qty Name
24 Swamp

// Creatures
4 Gatekeeper of Malakir
3 Skinrender
4 Liliana's Specter

// Spells
4 Painful Quandary
4 Everflowing Chalice
4 Duress
4 Sign in Blood
4 Grasp of Darkness
2 Consuming Vapors
1 Liliana Vess
1 Sorin Markov
1 Mind Sludge

// Sideboard
1 Sorin Markov
3 Corrupt
4 Doom Blade
4 Malakir Bloodwitch
2 Consume the Meek
1 Mind Sludge

So, most of the choices are pretty standard.
The Sorin and Liliana are back up win conditions, and also attempt to keep me alive a bit longer to achieve a more complete lock-down.
Gaining life is important, hence the inclusion of consuming vapours and Corrupt in sideboard.

But, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice.
It hasn't been tested yet obvious, so I can't give you a run down of match-ups, but do you think that more than one mind sludge would be good, considering that Quandary is already a five drop.

Etc, etc.
Thanks in advance~!
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Joined: 27 Jan 2010
Posts: 44

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

-1 painful quandary
-2 everflowing chalice
Move 1 consuming vapors to sideboard.

+1 mind sludge
+3 doom blade (main board)

You never really need more than 1 quandary on board, seeing as 5 life per card is already a major hit. Chalice is good in letting you drop stuff a turn earlier, but if your in top deck mode its so terrible to rip one, and ruin the game. Mind sludge is one of the absolute best cards you can run. 2 is a good number. Doom blade because it helps you reach those creatures with more than a 4 but. I know you have other alternatives, but paying 2 to kill any titan, an engine, bsa, anything is always nice to be able to do. also, in sb i would:
-2 malakir
-1 corrupt
+3 hexmage

hexmage is good against Ux control, quest, or anything with planeswalkers.
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Joined: 28 Feb 2010
Posts: 117

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Add some Mind Rot, and whats wrong with regular MBC?
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Joined: 24 Apr 2006
Posts: 182

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I disagree, with the comment that says you only ever want 1 quandary on board. If the point of OPs deck is lockdown, he won't be able to do it with just 1 on board that well. Yes 5 life per card is a hit, but they can just play every other spell or discard lands that they don't need in the end game. Having more than 1 will actually let you lock them down until your win conditions get there.

Also, doomblade is better than grasp I think?
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Joined: 01 Sep 2004
Posts: 76

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Take out all painful quandry. I've seen that spell cast, all that happens is you lose since it doesnt give you any board presence. lilianna and sorin are both bad finishers. Wurmcoil engine and grave titan are both better, they allow you to survive fast beats aswell as end games quickly. Also mimic vat is sick in mono black since mono black has cipt effects and you will be graveyarding creatures when u kill them.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2007
Posts: 412

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay so I took a look at this list and made a few adjustments based on my local meta which is heavy on UW control and RG valakut.

3 [ZEN] Marsh Flats
2 [ZEN] Verdant Catacombs
2 [WWK] Tectonic Edge
17 [SOM] Swamp (4)

4 [ZEN] Gatekeeper of Malakir
3 [M11] Grave Titan

3 [M11] Sign in Blood
1 [M11] Liliana Vess
2 [SOM] Mimic Vat
1 [ZEN] Sorin Markov
4 [M11] Mind Rot
3 [WWK] Mire's Toll
2 [ROE] Consuming Vapors
2 [ZEN] Mind Sludge
3 [SOM] Painful Quandary
4 [M11] Doom Blade
4 [M11] Duress

3 [SOM] Grasp of Darkness
1 [M11] Sign in Blood
3 [SOM] Nihil Spellbomb
1 [SOM] Geth, Lord of the Vault
4 [ZEN] Vampire Hexmage
3 [SOM] Memoricide
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Joined: 11 Sep 2009
Posts: 47

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OP said he was budget and i figure he probably dosent have much cards or cash wurmcoil and grave titan are $5-$10 cards depending and from exsperience he probably dosent have the cash to buy those mimic vat looks fairly cheap so i would defenently add that i might also add inquisition of kozilek pretty good against fast aggro liliana's caress might also help so it puts them in a position were if they cast the last card in there hand it costs 5 life if they dont it gets discarded for 2 life leyline of the void will help against dredgevine or any vengevine deck as long as they dont destroy it but then they slow down cause they have to destroy it before they can start. painful quandary is alright but it needs a little help to make it work plus a mindsludge and they discard 5 to 6 cards with liliana's caress you just did 10-12 lose of life. i would MD the doomblades and sb the grasps when fighting black creatures
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Joined: 12 Jul 2007
Posts: 412

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know OP was building on a budget and that is fine and i agree with you. But as I am not so limited on a budget I figured this deck would do well and again I said this deck that I posted was for my local meta.
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