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Rogue Uw Control

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Joined: 16 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:41 pm    Post subject: Rogue Uw Control Reply with quote

// Lands
1 [TSP] Academy Ruins
4 [EUL] Island (3)
2 [US] Plains (3)
2 [JGC] Maze of Ith
4 [ON] Flooded Strand
4 [B] Tundra
2 [LG] The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
1 [WWK] Celestial Colonnade
2 [TE] Wasteland
1 [ON] Polluted Delta
3 [EX] City of Traitors
1 [A] Underground Sea

// Creatures
1 [US] Morphling
1 [SHM] Oona, Queen of the Fae
2 [MOR] Vendilion Clique

// Spells
3 [SH] Mox Diamond
1 [FD] Engineered Explosives
3 [CST] Brainstorm
1 [6E] Enlightened Tutor
1 [MPR] Powder Keg
4 [B] Counterspell
1 [CHK] Ghostly Prison
2 [FD] Crucible of Worlds
2 [WWK] Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 [LG] Moat
3 [FNM] Fact or Fiction
1 [CHK] Gifts Ungiven
4 [AL] Force of Will
2 [JU] Cunning Wish
2 [MPR] Cryptic Command

// Sideboard
SB: 1 [6E] Enlightened Tutor
SB: 4 [A] Blue Elemental Blast
SB: 1 [DIS] Spell Snare
SB: 1 [DS] Pulse of the Fields
SB: 1 [4E] Swords to Plowshares
SB: 1 [MPR] Cryptic Command
SB: 1 [PLC] Extirpate
SB: 1 [MM] Misdirection
SB: 3 [ZEN] Mindbreak Trap
SB: 1 [7E] Disenchant

27 lands 62 cards... too stoned to explain card choices right now .. used to run luminarch ascension main, replaced with vendilion cliques.

critiques plz
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Joined: 04 Oct 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

3 brainstorm?

Meloku > morphling and oona

seems like you are doing a tutor pack with enlightened but only have 1.
also veldalken shackles/threads might be a good target for that.
Why ghostly prison instead of propaganda since your base is blue.

Mana base seems wonky with a bunch of land that doesnt do anything.

Thats all i can come up with right from the get go.Would have to play it a few times to see what its missing/unneeded.
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