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Precon Wars idea

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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 7:09 am    Post subject: Precon Wars idea Reply with quote

Since wizards introduced intro packs I miss preconstructed decks, which is strange as they were terrible. Scrap that.

Since wizards introduced dual decks I was toying with the idea of expanding that into 4-5 decks equally powered decks, to give the joy (or headaches of expansive board positions) of limited play, without frustration of your opponent having vastly superior card pool (yes i'm terrible drafter).

So the idea is to build 4 decks, of constructed power but limited feel, and do some minis.

Below i'll give initial decklists i've been working on. Quite simple, pick a draft archetype + make it better by dropping bad cards, and upping good cards to 4 Smile. I intentionally avoided rares for now, but interesting ones might be possible additions, however i have plans to port this to paper magic, so budget restrictions would still apply.

The most important thing to make this work is to make decks balanced, I tried (not very hard) to make sure that each deck has a few answers to other decks, but not so much as to ruin the other decks plan too much. If any deck has matchup greater than 60% then it must be changed. (Ideally a split 60-50-50-40 might be desirable).

Thats why I need people to look at the lists (or don't, i didn't put too much effort into these, it's just an initial example Smile ) and share their ideas. Do you have an interesting interactive deck you'd like to add? Do you have suggestions for these decks? Does any one look too strong/weak/boring? And generally share your ideas about format. I restricted to ROE block for now, but again if standard or eternal provides much more interesting and balanced games it can be changed.

One more thing, do you feel such format would be more interesting if i restricted cards to 3-ofs? As this would allow slightly more variance, i want decks to be good at what they do, but not be too focused on one aspect of the game.

Here be decklists:

White: (first one i did, distinctive lack of uncommons and after doing others i believe it might be weakest of them all... probably my love for dawnglare invoker doesn't translate too well into format of all decks having enough spot removal)

    // Lands
    24 [ROE] Plains (1)

    // Creatures
    4 [ROE] Wall of Omens
    4 [ROE] Dawnglare Invoker
    4 [ROE] Knight of Cliffhaven
    4 [ROE] Caravan Escort

    // Spells
    2 [ROE] Smite
    4 [ROE] Emerge Unscathed
    3 [ROE] Hyena Umbra
    4 [ROE] Survival Cache
    2 [ROE] Puncturing Light
    4 [ROE] Oust
    1 [ROE] Harmless Assault

Ug: I probably like this one the most, interactive, a bit of permision, random aura gnarlid splash + narcolepsy domestication and what not
    // Lands
    5 [ROE] Forest (4)
    4 [ROE] Evolving Wilds
    15 [ROE] Island (3)

    // Creatures
    4 [ROE] Aura Gnarlid
    2 [ROE] Venerated Teacher
    4 [ROE] Champion's Drake
    3 [ROE] Halimar Wavewatch
    4 [ROE] Enclave Cryptologist

    // Spells
    2 [ROE] Narcolepsy
    2 [ROE] Lay Bare
    4 [ROE] Eel Umbra
    4 [ROE] Domestication
    4 [ROE] Deprive
    3 [ROE] Crab Umbra

Br: Another card I love more than most people, Arrogant Bloodlord, deck made to get a 4/4 beater on turn 3 and kill everything else. Is it unfun though with so much removal?
    // Lands
    20 [ROE] Swamp (4)
    2 [ROE] Mountain (1)
    3 [ROE] Evolving Wilds

    // Creatures
    4 [ROE] Arrogant Bloodlord
    3 [ROE] Bala Ged Scorpion
    4 [ROE] Cadaver Imp
    4 [ROE] Null Champion
    2 [ROE] Zof Shade
    2 [ROE] Zulaport Enforcer

    // Spells
    4 [ROE] Induce Despair
    4 [ROE] Inquisition of Kozilek
    4 [ROE] Heat Ray
    3 [ROE] Vendetta
    1 [ROE] Wrap in Flames

Gr: It wouldn't be ROE if i didn't have eldrazi based deck. Non-rare eldrazi though are slightly less exciting though possibly more often than not T3 7/7 looks promising (also, all other decks are able to deal with it)
    // Lands
    5 [ROE] Mountain (1)
    17 [ROE] Forest (3)
    3 [ROE] Evolving Wilds

    // Creatures
    4 [ROE] Nest Invader
    4 [ROE] Joraga Treespeaker
    2 [ROE] Broodwarden
    4 [ROE] Hand of Emrakul
    2 [ROE] Pathrazer of Ulamog
    3 [ROE] Artisan of Kozilek
    2 [ROE] Kozilek's Predator
    2 [ROE] Emrakul's Hatcher

    // Spells
    2 [ROE] Spawning Breath
    4 [ROE] Brood Birthing
    3 [ROE] Might of the Masses
    3 [ROE] Heat Ray

Red: And finally some walls with occasional 7/1 and 7/2 unblockable hasters
    // Lands
    25 [ROE] Mountain (1)

    // Creatures
    4 [ROE] Ogre Sentry
    2 [ROE] Valakut Fireboar
    4 [ROE] Vent Sentinel
    4 [ROE] Kiln Fiend
    2 [ROE] Goblin Tunneler
    4 [ROE] Brimstone Mage
    3 [ROE] Battle Rampart

    // Spells
    4 [ROE] Warmonger's Chariot
    4 [ROE] Staggershock
    4 [ROE] Heat Ray
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PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 2:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Like the decks
Dislike the idea for Online magic
Like the idea for paper magic

Enjoy your sandwich
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