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WW life

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Joined: 27 Jun 2006
Posts: 186

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:46 pm    Post subject: WW life Reply with quote

Any help would be appreciated, I definitely need a sideboard.

// Deck file for Magic Workstation (

// Lands
19 [ROE] Plains (1)
4 [ZEN] Emeria, the Sky Ruin

// Creatures
4 [ROE] Wall of Omens
4 [M10] Mesa Enchantress
2 [ZEN] Felidar Sovereign
4 [M10] Baneslayer Angel

// Spells
4 [ROE] Survival Cache
4 [M10] Silence
3 [M10] Lifelink
3 [ROE] Hyena Umbra
4 [CFX] Sigil of the Empty Throne
2 [WWK] Guardian Zendikon
3 [ZEN] Sunspring Expedition

Although this looks like a p.o.s., it tests well for me. It can often hold it's own versus the top tier decks. Given, my testing has been solely pre-sideboard and I have only tested nayallies, jund, UWtapouit and RDW. Anything to help this design would be great especially becuase i feel like I'm on the fine-tuning stage for this deck.
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Joined: 07 Nov 2009
Posts: 139

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A) Cards to Possibly Cut/Add
For starters, cut the Lifelink enchantment, or add more targets. Two of your creatures have 0 power. So lifelink gains nothing. The other two already have lifelink. And two instances of lifelink only cause you to gain life once, according to the M10 rules, meaning an attacking Baneslayer enchanted by Lifelink, would net you 5 life - not 10... making the enchantment worthless on them. Yes Guardian Zendikon-ed lands can be enchanted, but there's only 2. And Sigil of the Empty Throne Tokens, but those come out after turn 5.

Mono White = Knight of the White Orchid. He is the prime source of acceleration/advantage in Mono White.

I can't see you playing Survival Cache unless you also have early life gain. Against some decks, RDW, Boros, you can lose on their 3rd turn. Lone Missionary may work if you want.

And remember, Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere are also Enchantments.

B) Decision Time
Personally, I think you should either choose Mono White Control, Mono White Lifegain, or Mono White Enchantments, but whatever works for you Currently, you are weak lifegain + medium/weak enchantment theme. Good Luck Smile

C) Final Note
Brave the Elements, Martial Coup, Iona, Day of Judgement, Iona, and Path to Exile, are all also viable options to use in your deck. Just figure out your focus first.
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Joined: 07 Nov 2009
Posts: 139

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's an example of a more devoted lifegain deck (based in your example):

// Lands
19 [ZEN] Plains (Cool
4 [ZEN] Emeria, the Sky Ruin

// Creatures
4 [M10] Baneslayer Angel
4 [ALA] Knight of the White Orchid
3 [CFX] Wall of Reverence
1 [ZEN] Iona, Shield of Emeria
4 [ROE] Lone Missionary
4 [ROE] Wall of Omens
1 [ZEN] Felidar Sovereign

// Spells
4 [ROE] Survival Cache
3 [ZEN] Brave the Elements
4 [CFX] Path to Exile
3 [M10] Silence
2 [ZEN] Sunspring Expedition

// Sideboard
SB: 2 [CFX] Martial Coup
SB: 1 [ZEN] Brave the Elements
SB: 3 [WWK] Kor Firewalker
SB: 1 [ROE] Gideon Jura
SB: 3 [ZEN] Day of Judgment
SB: 3 [ALA] Oblivion Ring
SB: 1 [M10] Silence
SB: 1 [ZEN] Sunspring Expedition

The sideboard is mostly WW control cards. Obviously, since the main is not tuned, neither is the side.

Silence is a very interesting. It is a deck-specific half-timewalk, tempo buster, when played early. It is really nice for stopping T3 Blightning or T4 BBE against Jund. Remember, you have to play it before they have a chance to (like during their upkeep). Later, it is less effective, but is nice to help lock your opponents out.

And Path to Exile really should be x4 maindecked if you run KotWO.

I tested this against Jund (Before adding the PtE's main), and Survival Cache is nuts. It feels like a white baby Jace. Draw 2 cards and suck up some damage/gain life. Over 2 turns. But it needs early life-gain/Silence. (I was running 4 Sunspring Expedition, 4 Silence, and 4 BtE.)

Wall of Omens and Lone Missionary can be really nice with Emeria, the Sky Ruin. Especially multiples. But you have to get there first.

Sunspring Expedition vs. Rest for the Weary? Have to think about it, but 1 drop is nice. Hell if they pulse it, good for them. Unless you have multiples.

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Joined: 07 Nov 2009
Posts: 139

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, caesarthehun, I thank you for pushing me in this direction, as I'd never have made a WW Control Deck without your challenge/deck post. I know my deck has deviated from your initial plan, but it has become solid and taught me some really interesting things.

I'll start this up as a new thread, "Re-Rise of WW Control?".
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Joined: 18 Dec 2005
Posts: 63

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You guys do realize that WW stands for "White Weenie", which pertains to white agro decks that contain lots of small creatures, i.e. weenies. Just cause it's a mono white deck doesn't mean you should call it WW.
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