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Random Filter Magic

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:00 am    Post subject: Random Filter Magic Reply with quote


I would like to introduce you new crazy format: Random Filter Magic. I guess it shold be rather skill involved to build decks for this tournament, and i guess you mtgers will find it interesting.

The rules:
You build a deck of 60 cards + 15 cards sb optional.
4of is a maximum ammount for non-basic lands
LEGACY banlist applies

But you can't put any cards into the deck. For every single tournament, the set of properties will be given, so each card in your deck except basic land should fit that conditions.
Better explain that on example:

let say the set of rules is:
1) Artifact: rare; artifact creature.
2) Instant: GG; uncommon.
3) Creature: power>=5; Has 1st strike or double strike.
4) Land: uncommon; manland.
5) Artifact: 2<=CMC<=4; rare.
6) Instant: Monocoloured; 2<=CMC<=4.
7) Instant: 2<=CMC<=4; Has alternative cost.
Cool Creature: toughness<=1; Gold.
9) Creature: CMC=1; Has lifelink.
10) Sorcery: 2<=CMC<=4; Gold.
each of cards in the deck should fit at least one of these rules.
E.g., you may use following cards:
1) Grim Poppet, Enigma Sphinx, ...
2) Fanatical Fever, Bounty of the Hunt, ... GG means giant growth effect (influences power and/or toughness, increasing at least one parameter)
3) Dragon Tyrant, other big guys
4) Forbidding Watchtower, Faerie Conclave...
... and so on

Well, i guess you got principles of this format? What do you think of that? Should i run some minies of it?
I hope that is intersting stuff )))))
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