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Planechase Spoiler!

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Joined: 19 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:27 am    Post subject: Planechase Spoiler! Reply with quote


I love planechase and decided to waste my time making a spoiler for it. here's the nopaste link: and if anyone can upload it as a .txt somewhere that'd be great.

installing it:
#1 go to the nopaste link, copy all the text
#2 open notepad, paste all the text
#3 save as planechase.txt
#4 open mws, hit ctrl + m, go to tools -> analyze/add/remove sets
#5 ??
#6 load data from text spoiler, find your planechase.txt
#7 type Planechase / PCH, respectively
#8 click next, change Type II to None
#9 click next, save your library
#10 profit

playing it:
since I just made it, I'm not quite sure how to do it. my initial thoughts are to add a minimum of 10 to your sideboard of a deck, then have them all in play face down. Flip over one when you start etc. planeswalking away -> exile the flipped one. rolling planechase die is easy -> roll 6 sided die, 1 = planeswalk 6 = chaos.


edit p.s.:

summary: you can roll a die each turn as many times as you want, but each roll costs 1 mana more than the previous, the first being free -> 1 mana -> 2 mana etc.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I played some of this over the weekend, 4 players we had a game last 4 turns xD

Zombie Nation fighting Razz
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Joined: 11 Jul 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

will this be played in the league cause it looks cool as hell
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Joined: 18 Dec 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For sealed events:

You don't use a planesdeck. You use the full list of planes and roll at random to determine the plane you are on. You can't use the same plane twice unless you've used them all once (very unlikely to happen).

To planeswalk:

Roll a 41 sided die, then find the corresponding plane from the list. If you roll a number that has already been used, roll again.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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