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June 28 2009 Master Feature Matches

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:08 pm    Post subject: June 28 2009 Master Feature Matches Reply with quote

So, I got drafted for the coverage team, wrote up two feature matches, sent them to the appropriate people... and nothing happened. Then I emailed them to someone else and nothing continued to happen. Since I spent several hours on this project, I don't want them to disappear into nothingness.

So here you go. Two weeks late, but hopefully still entertaining.

6/28 Master: Quarterfinal Match - DARKING v. IvanDano

Game One:

Ivan wins the roll and chooses to play. Both players keep their 7. IvanDano is playing Doran, while his opponent is piloting Faeries.

Ivan starts with a Noble Hierarch into Knotvine Paladin and a beat for one, while DARKING is simply laying lands. Ivan's game of Solitaire is ended when DARKING stops t3 Wilt-Leaf Liege with a Broken Ambitions. As it turns out, Bitterblossom can totally take Forest in a fight, and the blossom goes back on top while Ivan mills and gets in for three with his Paladin.

DARKING plays a land and the best card in the Faeries deck, which meets a Pulse on Ivan's turn as the Paladin swings for four. DARKING has nothing to say to that on his turn, playing a land and passing it back. The Paladin gets Terrored (Terrified?) once it attacks, but there's nothing DARKING can do with two mana against a postcombat Chameleon Colossus, though he brings in a Spellstutter Sprite at the end of Ivan's turn. DARKING reveals Scion of Oona to play his Faerie dual untapped and beats for one with his Sprite.

There's a moment of tension on Ivan's turn, as he debates whether or not to pump his Colossus. He decides to settle for dealing five and casting Wilt-Leaf Liege on secondnd main, which provokes Cryptic Command to counter the Elf Knight and bounce the, uh, other Elf Knight. DARKING continues his trend of not casting on his turn, laying a land and beating with the Sprite. However, he has upkeep effects, and we all know what that means. Cliquing out the Sprite meets no response, and without mana, Ivan has no play for his turn other than a land, while Darking swings in for four on his turn.

Ivan waffles about what exactly to tap to activate his Treetop Village, but finally decides and beats for four, which inspires a Terror on the Noble Hierarch. Postcombat Doran gets an OK, but Scion of Oona comes down EOT for DARKING. He draws his card for the turn and passes it back to Ivan, apparently resigned to being on the defensive. Ivan tries to Maelstrom Pulse the Scion and cut Clique down to size, but that runs into Broken Ambitions. Dauntless Escort stays on top for Ivan, while DARKING sends Swamp to the bottom. Ivan swings with Village and Doran anyway, which results in Scion chumping Doran and a three-inch-tall Faerie Wizard beating up an Ape. This game makes no sense.

DARKING has no play on his turn and sends it right back. He has nothing to say about the Noble Hierarch that comes down precombat and chumps Doran with his Clique, returning Spellstutter Sprite to play, where it finds itself further outclassed by postcombat Colossus. On his turn, DARKING beats for one. A second main phase Thoughtsieze fails to reveal a card with the text "When you discard this card, you lose the game," so it's on to game 2.

Game Two:

Both players keep their opening hands, though Ivan's elicits a "???". As it turns out, he mentions during the opening plays, he sideboarded incorrectly. DARKING starts with an Island, while Ivan has Treefolk Harbinger for Nameless Inversion. Turn two passes quietly, but DARKING has an end step Sprite, which he then proceeds to smack Ivan with in lieu of playing a third land. Ivan continues to make his drops, playing a Noble Hierarch and swinging for one with the Harbinger.

After that minor hiccup, DARKING has his third land and attacks again. Ivan lays a Treetop Village, responds with his own poke for one, and tries a Dauntless Escort, which runs into Flashfreeze. Sprite attacks, again with no land drop. An attack with Treetop Village meets Terror, and Ivan has no other play. DARKING finally has his fourth land drop - an untapped Secluded Glen, revealing Scion of Oona - and the two players again exchange attacks for one. On Ivan's end step, Scion comes down and is promptly wasted by a Nameless Inversion. Unwilling to let that deter him, DARKING continues to attack and Deathmarks the Noble Hierarch, ending Treefolk Harbinger's reign of terror - for now.

In retaliation, Ivan throws out a Maelstrom Pulse on Spellstutter Sprite, which DARKING skillfully counters with Scion of Oona (knowing what your cards do is the key to greatness). DARKING breaks his streak of attacking for one with an attack for THREE. He attempts to capitalize on this newfound good fortune with an upkeep Mistbind Clique - however, Ivan wrecks his board with Zealous Persecution, leaving Clique nothing to champion. Harbinger beats for one, courtesy of Persecution. DARKING has no response to the return of his nemesis other than an Island. Wilt-Leaf Liege for Ivan meets an "ok" and Harbinger again beats for one.

Sower of Temptation, heralded as the new Control Magic, comes down for DARKING, stealing the Liege. On his turn, Ivan succinctly rebuts the comparison by casting Path to Exile on Sower and swinging again with what is evidently the most persistent Treefolk Harbinger in history, also playing out Gaddock Teeg. DARKING has a Mutavault and a Deathmark with Gaddock Teeg's name on it. Liege attacks by itself and gets bounced by Cryptic Command, also nabbing his opponent a card. Feeling good against a mostly-tapped-out Blue deck, though, Ivan takes the opportunity to lay Doran. Nothing but an Island from the Fae player takes us into Ivan's attack phase, where a Cryptic Command in bounce/draw mode takes Doran off the field. Ivan lays a postcombat Knotvine Paladin and ends his turn.

Mutavault activates and swings. Ivan elects to block and trade with Knotvine Paladin, which confuses me until I realize that, between assorted tiny Faerie beats and the constant use of his Llanowar Wastes for colored mana, Ivan is down to a mere five life. He plays a Qasali Pridemage and swings with the Little Harbinger That Could before passing the turn. DARKING has another Sower, to which Ivan attempts to respond with a sacrifice before having it pointed out that there are no targets for Pridemage to sac to. Ivan rips Maelstrom Pulse like a champ and gets his Pridemage back before attacking with Treefolk Harbinger, just like every other turn of the game.

DARKING has a land and a Go on his turn, the former of which turns sideways to stop Doran by way of Cryptic Command in counter/draw mode. Ivan still gets in for three with Pridemage before passing the turn, but he might as well have not bothered because DARKING has no play on his turn. Ivan takes pain down to two life to play a Wilt-Leaf Liege and attack for five. DARKING plays Secluded Glen into another Sower of Temptation on Liege. On Ivan's mainphase, he again casts Path to Exile - however, Mistbind Clique comes down to hide Sower, though Ivan gets back his Liege. He responds to the Champion trigger by paining down to one for the black mana to play Zealous Persecution and attack with his Harbinger and Pridemage. The now 3/3 Clique chumps Pridemage and DARKING takes two from Harbinger, putting him to two. Sower comes back, stealing Wilt-Leaf Liege with no untapped creatures on Ivan's side. It's off to the deciding game with something like five minutes on the clock.

Game Three:

After the incredibly close game two, game three is an anticlimax. Ivan is on the play, with no mulligans from either. He has a turn two Pridemage, but DARKING has the Terror. After that, Ivan proceeds to draw no lands while DARKING pokes him with a Scion. Everything Ivan tries to do to salvage his fragile position, DARKING answers, and the Faeries player is sitting at a pristine 20 life when time is called and he advances to the semifinals.

6/28 Master: Semifinal Match - DARKING v. Tidus-

Game One:

DARKING wins the roll and elects to play first. Both players keep, and the semifinal round begins. Tidus- is playing G/B Elves, while DARKING is playing Faeries.

Island on one side meets Forest and Llanowar Elves on the other, just like Richard Garfield envisioned. However, his fragile vision is dashed to pieces turn two, because DARKING has the hybrid filterland and plays Bitterblossom.

Game Two:

...what, that's not enough coverage of game one? I gave you the only importa- all right, fine, you win.

Game One (cont.):

Tidus retaliates with another Llanowar Elves and a Wren's-Run Vanquisher. Mass removal is irrelevant in this matchup, and Tidus will need all the help he can get to beat the best enchantment since Urza block. DARKING has only another land on his turn, and Tidus beats for three before playing another land and casting another Vanquisher, which meets a Spellstutter Sprite. He makes up for it with a Putrid Leech and passess the turn. DARKING lays a land, swings for two, and casts Sower of Temptation to steal Vanquisher.

For his part, Tidus has Treetop Village and an attack with the Leech, which runs into a chump blocker. He plays a third Llanowar Elves and passes. DARKING attacks for seven before saying the words dreaded by players worldwide since Lorwyn came out: "On your upkeep..." He has the Clique for a blossom token (fair trade!) and Tidus has nothing except a land and a Noble Hierarch off his mana elves. DARKING has another 'vault, activates the first, and swings with his team. Mutavault and Wren's-Run Vanquisher are chump blocked. Post combat?

"On your upkeep" part 2. Tidus packs it in when the Clique comes down.

Game Two:

DARKING starts game 2 with some chitchat as they shuffle and draw (both stay on 7, with Tidus on the play). Evidently, Tidus- is playing a 61 card deck, and DARKING is curious to know what could be so important as to deviate from the dogma of sixty. Tidus gives nothing away, though - he is a clam. A Magic-playing, Master-top8ing, 61-card-bedecked clam.

Yes, bedecked is a real word.

Both players start the game with comes-into-play-ta - er, enters-the-battlefield-tapped lands: a Treetop Village for Tidus-, and a Secluded Glen for DARKING. Swamp for Tidus brings down Putrid Leech, but DARKING is a master and responds on his turn with Bitterblossom, at which point I mentally gave Tidus- a hug.

Tidus has a good start, though - Mutavault and an attack for four, followed by Imperious Perfect. DARKING only has a land, for his part. Tidus beats with the Elf Mutant Ninja Turtle land and the Leech, the latter of which is chump blocked. On his turn, Sower of Temptation makes its first appearance this round, stealing Perfect, to which Tidus's only response is to make a token. He swings with the Leech, which is again chumped, and lays a Wren's-Run Vanquisher and a Llanowar Elves. DARKING has his own Mutavault and an attack with Sower.

On Tidus's upkeep, DARKING Cliques out his Bitterblossom and taps Tidus down. Vanquisher and Leech come in - Vanquisher runs into a Faerie Rogue and the Imperious Perfect, while Tidus pays two life for the privilege of trading Leech with Mistbind Clique. Post-combat, he makes another Llanowar Elves off the one he has and is done. DARKING, being incredibly boring, plays another Mutavault and attacks again with Sower.

A replacement Putrid Leech from Tidus meets Spellstutter Sprite. Tidus responds to the trigger with a Cloudthresher, which would give him a fighting chance if only it didn't run into Flashfreeze. Tidus attacks with the Elf token as a replacement for "Wrath of God, targeting you". Given that it gets blocked by a Mutavault and dies a pathetic death, it's not the best replacement I've seen. DARKING has a Secluded Glen and attacks for four in the air, knocking Tidus to six. Tidus attacks with his Treetop Village and tries out a Maelstrom Pulse for some breathing room. DARKING is having none of that, though, and Spellstutter Sprite comes down to stop it, which incidentally gives him lethal in the air next turn. With no way to stop that, Tidus concedes, and DARKING is off to the finals.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Time limit in top 8 sux ...
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

fun coverage... i like the jokes to keep the article always interesting
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