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6/19 ALA Block Trial Finals Coverage DK vs. Navajita

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:12 am    Post subject: 6/19 ALA Block Trial Finals Coverage DK vs. Navajita Reply with quote

Magic-League Shards of Alara Block Trial Tournament
6/19/09 ~ Finals
DK vs. Navajita
by God (AKA TacoMaster)

Here we go in the finals of Magic-League's ALA Block Trial. DK with 5 Color Control takes on Navajita with Jund/Splash Sedraxis Aggro! DK wins the roll and both players like their 7. And each player just has land, go to start us off. DK has a Rupture Spire and passes, while Navajita makes a Noble Hierarch. DK again has just a land, but Navajita comes out with a Bloodbraid Elf into Sprouting Thrinax. The Elf swings in for four, and DK has an Esper Charm at the end phase(20-16). DK just has another land and passes. Thrinax and Bloodbraid come in for six, and a second Thrinax joins them (20-10). DK untaps, looks over his cards, and they're on to game two! Navajita, with an impressive blow out, threatens to make this a very fast final.

DK 0 - 1 Navajita

DK chooses to play, and they both keep their seven cards. Seaside Citadel -> go meets Ancient Ziggurat, Noble Hierarch from Navajita. DK just has a second Citadel, while Navajita powers out a Sedraxis Specter. Exotic Orchard is all that DK can come up with. The Specter Swings in, and DK throws down an Esper Charm and decides to discard Obelisk of Alara, and another Specter hits the table. It should be 20-16, but it appears both players forgot to have DK take damage from the attack. :X Maelstrom Pulse takes out the pair of Specters, and play is back to Navajita, who chooses to drop Blightning. It costs DK two Islands, and we finally have damage being taken (20-17). DK drops a land and passes. Navajita has another Blightning for DK's two remaining cards, but DK responds with Bituminous Blast, cascading into the top card of his deck, Ajani Vengeant. He loses Celestial Purge and falls to 14.

Ajani locks out a Tri-Land, and DK passes. Unable to Unearth with just a Ziggurat and Mountain, Navajita passes back. Ajani picks up another counter, and Navajita has no play. Ajani gets a 6th counter, and play is to Navajita, who drops Anathemancer, kill off the Planeswalker! DK has nothing but a land and passes back. Navajita Unearths a Specter and gets in for 5 with his duo, pulling another Island out of DK's hand (20-9). He finishes his turn with a Putrid Leech. DK makes another Ajani Vengeant and picks off Anathemancer, pumping him to 12. Madrush Cyclops comes down for Navajita, it takes down Ajani while Putrid Leech goes to the dome(18-Cool. DK untaps, weighs his options, and admits defeat. In an impressive showing, Navajita sweeps the final, and he earns himself two byes for the 6/29 Master!!!

2-0 Navajita wins!
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:48 am    Post subject: Re: 6/19 ALA Block Trial Finals Coverage DK vs. Navajita Reply with quote

Distraction ftw! Mr. Green
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