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6/19 ALA Block Trial Semi-Finals Coverage DK vs. DS_McWerp

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:28 am    Post subject: 6/19 ALA Block Trial Semi-Finals Coverage DK vs. DS_McWerp Reply with quote

Magic-League Shards of Alara Block Trial Tournament
6/19/09 ~ Semi-Finals
DK vs. DS_McWerp
by God (AKA TacoMaster)

Here it is, DS_McWerp's Green/White aggro versus DK's 5 Color Control! Who will move on to the finals and earn a bye or two for the 6/28 Master? Let's find out. DK's 20 pretty much ensures he will be on the play, and we're off. DK opens with Tri-Land, go. McWerp makes a Noble Hierarch and passes back. Rupture Spire for DK, and it's back to McWerp who comes in for one and follows it up with Knotvine Paladin(20-19). Exotic Orchard joins the fray and helps fire off a Maelstrom Pulse at the Paladin. McWerp, undaunted, slams down Eslpeth, Knight-Errant A token hits the board and play shifts back to DK!

Bloodbraid Elf comes down for DK, and Maelstrom Pulse comes first card off the top of the deck, taking out the Planeswalker!!! The Elf swings in and DK passes back to his opponent(19-17), who drops Behemoth Sledge and sends his token in for two(17-17). DK comes in for three(17-14), then he goes into the tank for a bit. He taps and untaps his lands, then chooses to lay another Tri-Land and pass. McWerp untaps and throws Behemoth Sledge on his token, getting in for four(18-13). DK untaps drops a land and passes the turn, but McWerp has a Path to Exile to get the Elf out of his token's way, digging up an island for DK. When McWerp moves to his attack step, DK has a Bituminous Blast for the token, which cascades into Esper Charm, which DK uses to discard McWerp's last two. The GW pilot chooses to drop Path to Exile on his token and discards his Noble Hierarch. He throws Behmoth Sledge on the Hierarch on the board and passes the turn.

DK untaps and thinks for a while before shipping the turn again. McWerp drops Dauntless Escort and comes in for 3 with Hierarch, but DK has Bituminous Blast, cascading into Wall of Denial. Dauntless Escort is cracked, saving the Hierarch, which runs into the Wall, netting McWerp three life (21-13). DK has no play for his turn once again, and he passes to McWerp who has another Hierarch and goes up to 25. Esper Charm at the end of the turn digs up two more cards for Dk, and he has land, go once more. McWerp's Hierarch comes in again, and it's 29-13 in his favor. DK has no play, but when McWerp throws out another Dauntless Escort, Traumatic Visions crushes that dream. McWerp shrugs it off and goes up to 33.

DK untap and drops a Kathari Remnant, hitting Wall of Denial with the cascade. He thinks for a bit and plays another Kathari Remnant, again cascading into Wall of Denial and passes to McWerp, who adds Qasali Pridemage to his team and pumps his life total up to 38. DK doesn't have anything to do, and McWerp puts the Sledge over to his Pridemage and gets up to 47. Land, go from DK, and McWerp pumps his life to 52, then drops Knotvine Paladin, which resolves without issue. Caldera Hellion comes down on DK's board, swallowing two Kathari Remnants, and it decimates McWerp's board, leaving only the 4/4 Pridemage, who ends up trading with the Hellion on the following turn and leaving the life totals at 57-13.

Cruel Ultimatum comes down for DK, reviving the Hellion and yanking DK's Forest out of his hand, DK passes, and McWerk peels Dauntless Escort off the top, dropping him and throwing a Sledge on for good measure. The Escort runs into a wall, putting McWerp back to 57, and Esper Charm at his end step gives DK two more cards to work with. DK slams down another Cruel Ultimatum, knocking off the Escort and pulling Valeron Outlander from McWerp's hand. Ajani Vengeant follows it up, and play is to McWerp, who finds Elspeth, Knight-Errant on top of his deck, but Traumatic Visions crushes that dream. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker joins the team for DK, and Behemoth Sledge is outta here! Ajani is up to five counters, and we're back to McWerp, who has no play. Nicol Bolas picks off a land, moving up to 11 counters, while Ajani finds his seventh. In McWerp's draw step, Esper Charm takes out both of his cards, Battlegrace Angel and Martial Coup!!!

DK untaps and Nicol Bolas fires off his ultimate, costing DK 7 lands and 7 life, then Ajani pops him for 4 more(21-42). Caldera Hellion eats a Wall of Denial, and McWerp untaps and passes. Nicol Bolas eats a land, and Caldera Hellion gets in for 4, followed by a bolt from Ajani (35-24). Caldera Hellion comes in on DK's next turn, and Ajani grows a third counter, and it's pretty much over at this point, with no lands and no benefit for doing so, McWerp is drawing dead and going through the motions. DK comes up with two Bloodbraid Elves, and we're moving on two game two.

DS_McWerp 0 - 1 DK

Here we go with game two! McWerp stats us off, and both players open with a Tri-Land. McWerp has Ethersworn Canonist for his turn, while DK has just another land. Dauntless Escort hits the field, and the Canonist swings in(20-1Cool. Wall of Denial comes down on DK's side to mitigate some damage, and he does just that when the pair of beaters come in, falling to 16. McWerp adds Knotvine Paladin, and play is back to DK. A second Wall of Denial hits the board, and McWerp sends in the team, getting in for two more before adding a second Dauntless Escort(20-14); however, DK has yet a THIRD Wall of Denial, and we're back over to McWerp, who sends the team once again, getting in for two(20-12), but he has nothing to add to the board. Obelisk of Alara comes down for DK, and McWerp opts to Path his Paladin in the end phase. He untaps and makes an Elspeth, throwing down a 1/1 Soldier. DK has no play, and it's back to McWerp who has a Thornling, but DK answers with Traumatic Visions.

McWerp's team comes in, and the soldier gets his 1 damage off. Elspeth throws another one into play and falls to three counters in the end step, courtesy of the Obelisk. DK takes out the opposing Planeswalker in his main phase and passes. McWerp has a new Elspeth on his turn, but it is met with Traumatic Visions. The team comes in again, both tokens getting in, making it 20-9 for McWerp. A Maelstrom Pule comes down, but a Dauntless Escort hits the yard, preventing any 2-for-1s. Thornling comes down for McWerp, and he swings with the rest of his team. Obelisk of Alara is tapped (not sure what happened here), and McWerp sacs Dauntless Escort in response. DK has no play, and McWerp comes in with the team (20-7). He adds Knotvine Paladin to his team and passes to DK, who once again, has no play. McWerp's guys come in, and Obelisk of Alara takes out the Canonist, and we're looking at 20-6. Qasali Pridemage comes down and takes out the Obelisk, and Esper Charm digs up some fresh cards for DK, but he has no play on his turn once again.

McWerp's team swings in, but Bitumous Blast comes down, aimed at Knotvine Paladin, and it throws out an Esper Charm, which draws two for DK. The Walls of Denial stop the rest of the men, and McWerp throws down Valeron Outlander and Knotvine Paladin. DK has Ajani Vengeant, which keeps Thornling down. Celestial Purge, in the end step, deals with Ajani, and McWerp's able to get in for 1, after which he adds another Knotvine Paladin to the board. Dk untaps and immediately slams down Caldera Hellion, chowing down on a Wall of Denial. Two Knotvines, two soldiers, and the Outlander hit the bin, and DK passes. McWerp draws and ends his turn, DK does the same.

McWerp again has no play, but DK has an Esper Charm to dig up two more cards; however, McWerp Celestial Purges the Hellion in response. DK has no play, and McWerp makes a Noble Hierarch on his turn. Thornling comes in and takes out a Wall of Denial with a few pumps. DK's Maelstrom Pulse takes out the Hierarch, and when McWerp plays another on the following turn, Traumatic Visions keeps it off the board. Land, go from DK is followed up by a Valeron Outlander from McWerp. DK throws down Bloodbraid Elf which flips Cruel Ultimatum.

"Sweet!" exclaims McWerp, and the Elf continues cascading, finally finding a useless Maelstrom Pulse which also hits the bottom of the deck.

McWerp untaps and throws down a Celestial Purge, but it's offed by Traumatic Visions. DK untap and begins tapping his lands. Before he finishes, tapping the lands, McWerp's Valeron Outlander is in the yard. Cruel Ultimatum comes down, reviving a Wall of Denial, which DK sends to the board. After a few more turns with little to no action, time is called, and with game 1 in his pocket, DK takes the match and moves on to the finals!

1-0 DK wins.
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