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The Asylum Rant - Rant 9 - What type of Player are you?

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Joined: 30 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:37 pm    Post subject: The Asylum Rant - Rant 9 - What type of Player are you? Reply with quote

Rules of the Asylum
Rule 1. There are no real point to these
Before you yell troll, realize that I'm actually writing something that can be discussed, thus its not spam. BUT if you are to ask me why you should read this, I have no answer.

Rule 2. Nothing I say or do has any direct or indirect relation to this or any other magic league

Rule 3. These are my opinions, not yours.
Feel free to tell me yours.

Rule 4. Asylum Rants are MINE.
Don't use my name for your wannabe shit...

now on to my rant...

So my original 9th rant(well not the original 9th cause that was about communism) was going to be about MWS Vs Appr, and how OPT was coming about. I did a lot of work on it getting interviews from nico and derflippi. But I just can't seem to get a hold of Jorbes, even on the other server he hangs out on. So I postponed that Rant, it will probably be the 10th.
The other day I played a guy who used Ashenmoor Gouger in his RB Blightning sb. And this confused me, that card is a 3cc for a 4/4 that can't block. What would you sideboard that in for? I mean with RB Blightning, you'd be able to play it turn 3, and not attack till turn 4. And it can't block. An ok card for main decks with mana accel, but for a sideboard?
When I asked he replied "I dunno, it was there when I netdecked it." And this set me off on a rant.

Now if you are in #weedmonkey4u a lot you know I go on normal rants all the time, so it's not a really a surprise that this stupid answer flared me up. Why the hell would you use a card when you don't know it's purpose in a deck!? Thats just fucking stupid. As soon as you netdeck a deck, you need to sit down, look at each card and ask yourself
"What's this do?"
"Does the deck need it?"
"Can I think of a better card to do it's function?"
And if you can't figure out why a cards there ASK SOMEBODY. Don't just play the fucking card then get frustrated and call people noobs when you lose. That is just stupid..

So I thought to write a rant on "10 tips to netdecking." A subject I might just do later on. But then I thought, ya know I should focus more on "Getting to know your metagame." So many people lose because they don't know how to prepare for opposing decks or better yet when playing certain decks, don't know what to do.

Take Naya aggro for example. Most decks already have cards that can handle Realm Razor. PtE, Magma Spray,Bant Charm, etc. What they don't know is that against Naya Aggro you don't need to sb a specific card in, you need to change your strategy. Horde your lands in your hand (like a squirrel with nuts for the winter), don't tap out, and make sure to keep an instant spot removal card open. These are the strategies to beating the deck.

But then I thought of another element to knowing your metagame. And that's knowing the players.

But Craze... why is that important?

Say you know a guy loves to play burn decks, and thats a basic fast paced strategy that doesn't like to think too far ahead and often changes plans on topdeck notice. Now say you seeing that person try out a combo deck. Now naturally this player is gonna make a lot of mistakes starting off, and you can use this to your advantage.
Even in ML, some players tend to shine over others by winning trials on a consistent basis or being an active voice on the forums. Getting to know these players is an important step in preparing for a trial or master.
So I said to myself...

What Type of Player Are You?

and I came up with 5 easy questions.

  • What is your favorite mtg card and why?

  • Think back to all the different metagames(changing formats) you've played in, what was your favorite deck to play? And why?

  • What is your favorite 2 and 3 color combination overall in magic? And why?

  • What would you say your favorite deck strategy is?(burn, a type of control, combo like decks? Sligh? stall? etc) And why?

  • Rate yourself as a player 1-10(10 being best), why do you think that?

Then using these questions I asked 15 ml players. Some popular, others random. Here is what I found out.

Weedmonkey wrote:

1. Curse of the Fire Penguin, for hilarity and the lulz when that baby hits the board

2. Welder Combo i'd have to say. I always love toolbox-esque decks that can allow for multiple paths to victory and multiple ways of winning.

3. BR and UBR i suppose, mostly because Machine Head is a deck I hold dear to my heart and those colors are best for providing card advantage.

4. I suppose this was already answered by number 2 and 3 Razz. Toolbox decks because they can provide multiple paths to victory and creature-based aggro-control decks because it strikes a balance to my wanting to turn things sideways with the control element i tend to crave for in alot of decks

5. I'd rate myself a 6/10. I'm a great instinctual player, but I need to learn how better to think more than two turns ahead.

Side Note: I wanna congratulate Weedmonkey for his new server op promotion. He really kicks ass and deserves it. I also want to remind everyone about his newest project: Steve .
And to also tell everyone to join #Weedmonkey4u
ok enough with endorsements...

ACM wrote:

1. Warp World. Simply love the jaw dropping effect it has on people faces when it resolves and they understand what is about to happen.

2. The last Standard format, playing RG mana ramp
It was a superb deck to play, being able to beat most other decks, even Reveillark if it had a good draw, plus, it was a lot of fun to play

3. 2 color combination: UG
They both have card draw, and being a control player at heart, I love the control element of blue
however, also being a timmy, the green fat is great combined, it makes for the funniest of decks and best combinations
tricolor: URG: Same as before, except that you add in red for even more big splashy effects and big monsters. Oh, and Warp World.

4. a type of control. I am a control player at heart, and seeing my opponent struggle against seemingly neverending waves of removal and card advantage is too good to pass upon. There is nothing I like more in magic than Card Advantage.

5. 6. While I am not the greatest of players, I do not consider myself under average (5 being average).

iSilent wrote:
1. My favourite magic card would be Beeseech the Queen (prob misspelt) because i play mainly black, and it is a great card in many black decks as it allows you to "tutor" for anycard Smile

2. i have no fucking idea what metagame is, but my favourite deck is this black removal i made. rapes all you stupid tribal decks. bar fae (DEATH TO FAE!)

3. My favourite 2 color combination i nmagic would be Red and Black, because it reflects my personality and it is awesome fun watching all those creatures fly from their hand into their graveyard.

4. My favourite deck strategy would be combo like decks, but looking at my ... lots of decks, i would say that i also like to make decks that do not revolve around creatures all that much. (dont ask why:P i dont know)

5. I rate my self 1/10 'cause i have a limited rating of 1528 Sad

SparkleZ wrote:
1. My favorite mtg card is Wall of Reverence ,because its broken in the Modo Betadrafts and i won shitloads of games with it.

2.My favorite deck to play was the Japanese Gruul with the 4 Siege Gangs and the Call of the Herd,because i didnt lose with it.

3.RG and RGB because of gruul and jund which is basically gruul but with more awesome cards like thoughtseize.

4.The one that wins.I don't bother with "deck strategies".I just pick the deck i think wins the most.

5.I am obviously a 10 since i am awesome.

trueeevil wrote:

my favorite card...
mind's desire..
because it's effect is so powerful. Power turns me on.

my favorite deck to play was faeries, because of it's power level and it's ability to take over any game.

UB #1
best elementals of control. Blue is permission and black is removal.
3 color hmmm
probably RGW
because it gives you the largest amount of threats and it's usually easier to play

i like control
not neccessarily permission but i like controlling the board and the thinking is fun too.

um 6?
i'd need kind of a reference scale, but most of the time i make the right plays imo

Zapgaze wrote:
My favorite magic card? Stingmoggie man, it's a fucking scorpion cat with 2 tails!

My favorite deck? Probably twinsanity, it's just hilarious to see people milled out and not even fucking expecting it.

Two color, probably UB, three color, BRG. I don't like white.

Combo like decks, definately, they're the most satisfying to play because they just leave the dude speechless afterwards.

Uh, 7 as a player I guess, although the decks I choose to make and play seem to leave people thinking I suck because they're not the usual things you expect to see. I can play the game and am adaptable with any decks, so I guess thats how I see it.

HHH1 wrote:

1. My favorite mtg card is BitterBlossom because its amazing

2. My favorite deck to play was and still is teps because its fun to piss people off by comboing for longer than you need

3. my favorite 2 color combonation is UG because my first deck was UG and my favorite 3 color combonation is Zoo because in the old t2 it was fun to play

4.My favorite deck stratgey is combo because its fun when you go off

5. Id rate my self a 5 because i still make scrubby play errors on ocasion

Red- wrote:

1. Skullclamp, because so many people hated it back then

2. Broodstar Affinity. It was the first deck I won with and it was just silly

3. UW...control and card draw. My two favorite concepts

4. Control, because I like having complete control over the game (well late game anyway)

5. I guess 5 since I'm merely a casual player

Stregatto79 wrote:
1- Probably my favorite it's Hymn to Tourach with wolf/moon picture, cause it's poerful and beautiful Wink

2. Without any doubt the old "Necro-Deck" with Yagmouth's Will and bubles, was very very funny to play and with it i arrived 2nd to the regionals of my country (Italy) in late 1998.

3. For sure White, Blue & Black it's my favorite ever. First of all because Blue and Black are the most powerful colors of Mtg Razz and then because white well balances all the things between blue counters/control and black Huge/Aggressive.

4. I don't have 1 in particular, let's just say that i like blue as a color and as a "philosophy" of playing, so...

5. i think at the moment about 3, or even 2, cause i just restarted (after 7 years) to play and this means i have to learn again a lot of new abilities and stuff, or get used to old ones that manwhile has changed.... a mess, you know? ^^

Manuelgoyf wrote:
1. Tarmogoyf cause it cost only 2 mana and is a strong card

2. I love Zoo cause it has good cards strong creatures and burn spells

3. I think RGW i like those colours for burn spells and green for good creatures and white for sb

4. i like sligh decks i think you know what lol

5. dont know realy i think im a good player but i make some mistakes sometimes im trying to fix that maybe with more concentration i think 8/10

pG wrote:
1. Mindslaver, You cannot lose after you hit with it. I just love the interaction of the card.

2. UWB Aggro with Jitte Ninja of the deep hours Dark Confidant Isamaru Lions etc. I won alot with it IRL and I won a master. It was my favorite deck by far.

3. U/G is easily my favorite combination, I just like the flow and tempo of this type of deck wether it be an aggro deck with plaxmanta or a type 1 deck with river boa daze and other weird stuff.

4. Aggro/Control, my favorite scenario is having threats on the bored and just countering my opponents key spells and winning the game in like 3 turns with like some bad creatures on the ground and like double riftwing cloudskate haha.

5. 7.5, I think I am well versed in the constructed side of this game, I still have a long way to go to be someone like PV. and I have never been a great limited player either. But I love the game.

Interesting side note: Some people found question 1 to be the hardest and thus would answer it last, and sometimes after a long period of time. Others found question 5 to be the hardest(including myself).
This alone can tell you things about people.

PV wrote:
1. well, if I had a favorite card, it'd have came to me right when you asked the question. Since it's been like half an hour and I still haven't thought of any, I'll say I don't have a favorite card.

2. I think I have to say faeries last year, but just because it was so good and people kept trying not to play it so I kept winning, not because I particularly liked the deck. I enjoyed playing counter rebel a lot in mercadian t2 too, because the strategy was such a blowout against many things and you had a strong game versus basically everything.

3. UB/UW and UBW, because those are the colors with the most options. If you play against red or green, you usually know what's going on and what you have to do, if you play against blue/black/white there are many cards they could have and for each of them you have to play differently. Like, if you play versus a red aggro deck, your goal is to survive no matter which burn they have in hand but if you play vs control your game plan changes totally depending on which removal or counterspell they have.

4. I dislike mana ramp strategies because I think you need to draw the cards in the right order to win (acceleration first and threats later). I also don't generally like decks with a lot of mana elves, again because you need to draw your cards in the right order. I also don't like decks that leave you completely vulnerable to what your opponent might be doing, like mono green aggro where you just have to hope they don't have good draws sometimes.
I don't like decks that cannot do anything if the opponent leaves home with the thought "I will beat deck X", like affinity and I don't like decks that gamble a lot on matchups, like mono white lifegain that beats aggro and loses to control. Other than that, I usually prefer playing control, or at least a deck with control elements, but I'll play anything that wins.

5. Well, depends... some aspects of my game are really almost 10s, some are much lower. I still make a lot of stupid mistakes and I'm not very good in the psychological aspect of the game, but my understanding of the game is really really good, so I'll say I'm a 9

Mistyfatdog wrote:
Favorite mtg card would have to be the unglued card censorship, i just love it and the picture is supposidly of a girl dildoing herself so i have it as my sb and md splitter in decks.

my favorite deck to play was owling mine, i played it here with someone and built it before the pt that it top8ed twice like 4 months before then and foiled it all out and then sold it all and then it top8ed and no credit will ever be made to m-l me and my buddy

my favorite 2 and 3 color combinations overal is UR because i like to always play counterburn as some random shitty deck and owling mine from then on, because i played random jank like UR tron with stufyf doll, furnace of wrath, lighting axe to deal 20 damage for R, and the same for niv mizzet and ophidians eye in tron

favorite deck strategy would be an aggro control deck or combo. i like making random really jank combos as stated in the prrevious answer but i also really like aggro control type of things like my merfolk deck in extended that is in my opinion crazy good. but i play alot of burn and aggro alot because i am a cheap guy and dont feel like investing alot in cards unless i borrow them

my rating as a player would be around a 7, i thik i am good and can play real well when i want to but i definatly alot of hte time rush things and dont think things through because i dont care that much and then i go crazy when i lose that way but ya

Eliminator wrote:
1. I don't think I could choose just one card, I've had favorites over the years, but no one steady card that I hold near and dear over the rest. If I was held at gunpoint and forced to decide, I'd have to say cabal interrogator. I couldn't enjoy it for very long, I discovered its usefulness right before onslaught rotated, but I loved its mechanic and loved being able to pick apart my opponent's hand. I love the mechanic and I hope something like it or something functionally equal to it is reprinted soon.

2. My two favorite decks ever were GR Aggro (Onslaught/Mirrodin/8E) and the BW tokens deck in Rav-Kami-9E T2.

3. My favorite color combination is WB. I love the conflicted nature of the pairing; it reflects our struggle between doing the right thing or the wrong thing, or even doing the right thing the right way or the wrong way. WB also has some really nice cards, Vindicate, Gerrard's Verdict, Spectral Lynx, Pillory of the Sleepless, that lend itself to an aggro-control style that I love to play. My favorite three color combination is...WUB

4. My favorite deck strategy is GR midrange, I like trotting out beefy cheap green creatures flanked by red burn and green auras or equipment. My best deck type is combo because it's an uninteractive game.

5. I think I'm a 6. When I can concentrate I can be good, but I'm prone to really retarded mistakes.

Another interesting side note is a great deal of people rate themselves as a 4, 5, or 6. Basically average really.

r4Nd0m wrote:

1st:uhm god it's so hard....birds of paradise!

2nd: my favorite deck was madness (back when it was t2 legal) and the next one (where I played madness in 1,x), because it was so fucking good and you could get it with 5$. And it had cute animals on it: wurms, dogs, lizards.

3rd: 2 color combination is BW because it has good and evil! 3 color combination would be the newly made bant because those colors are cute n_n

4th: it's something easy to play (so aggro is my favorite) I don't like to think alot when playing

5th: 5 because I plain suck [= I used to be a 7 when I played irl

And of course one of my policies in life is to never ask something of someone if you yourself will not do it.
so heres mine:

Craze wrote:

Favorite all time deck:
Big Red - Back in ON/MD/8E Standard, there was always something about hearing someone say "sorry dude, I can't deal with a turn 3 Rorix Bladewing." It's like having sex, thats as close as I can get to describing that feeling. I loved first turn Slith firewalkers and late game Arc-Sloggers. Great thing about Big Red was it was a unorthadox red deck that managed to compete in an extremely hard meta. Decks like T&N and Affinity were huge back then and Big Red did a kickass job.

Favortie all time color combination.
Boros aka Red/White for 2 color. Red/Green/White for three. Red and White are two conflicting colors, so playing them together is always extremely interesting. Like Lightning Helix, an incrediable burn spell, and a very fun life gain.
RGW tends to always sync together, with green for accel, red for offense, white for defense. And now with cards like Realm Razor and Naya Charm, you can really see that.
Boros Deck Wins really was fun to play during Ravnica T2, and back then I could switch back and forth between it and Fungus Fire and do pretty good.

Favorite Strategy:
Fast, effective, and simple. aka Burn.
Burn is fast paced, and unlike some decks where you are stuck planning 4 moves ahead hoping to god that you draw the right card or that your oppenent doesn't drop a game changer, burn can adapt midgame to anything. Creature problem? Volcanic Fallout! Your oppenent is using life gain? Sulferic Vortex or Stigma Lasher.
Burn is awesome and always viable no matter what. And I hear it's cheap too.

Favorite all time card.
Sulferic Vortex. Sulferic Vortex plays exactly how you need it too. It's a constant shock to the head, putting a timer on the game, and it stops your oppenent from gaining life, which is Red's biggest pet peeve. And best of it all is that it's only 3cc.
Fast, effective, and simple.

Rate yourself as a player (1-10, 1 being awful, 10 being fantastic)
5. I think of myself as a very good deck builder but often make horrid mistakes during games. I also have a sort of ironic bad luck.

Throughout the entire interviews I've found that you figure out a lot about your opponents and what to expect from playing them by knowing them.
Remember this folks.

Until next time,
I'm Craze, and I like to party hardy.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll add mine cause I feel like.

1. My favourite card is boggart harbinger I do not think any card has been as format defining and skill intensive as the bringer. Chosing which goblin is tough though most of the time its right to just get another binger cause its just that good.

2. I have 2 favourite decks no way I can seperate them both rogue made by me and both I top4ed masters (never done any better than that in a masters) They UR splice in kami block and UWR angel control this is pre dissension the invitational that pollo won i think right after release of guildpact so real early.

3. This is going to be kinda obvious after the last question my fav 2 colour is UR my Fav 3 colour is UWR.

4. My current favourite deck stratergy is control, I like long games where I feel I've earned the win as opposed to random blow outs. I always like my control decks to beat aggro and for creature removal to be pretty redundant vs me. Control decks that stand no chance vs aggro always really piss me off, as due to the nature of how I like to set up my decks alot of the time its hard to beat them. Basically I like crushing aggro players.

5. I think its really hard to honestly rate yourself as a player particullary when your pretty erratic like me but i also get complemented alot on my play over the internet on modo so I guess Im not that bad (normally when i do stuff like bounce and o-ring in response to an o-ring and force the dude to end up using his own ring on his own pw, or when I bounce a land eot vs esper, to force through a cruel ultimatum hmm all my good plays seem to involve grixis charm.)Im pretty confidant at beating aggro with control and recently I think theres been a marked improvement in my control on control mirrors (or maybe its just cruel ultimatum) I struggle the most with combo decks and in limited I am in my element (where in the oppisite to constructed I prefer aggresive decks with a solid curve.)

I Think Im prob just about a 7/10.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ashenmoor Gouger is a good card against 5cc and faeries because its hard for them to deal with, while it should never have to block versus them. It is very good in red, just not with so much R/W in the format. Please be better informed, as it was in the best red deck last year which had no mana accel and is a very good card for red aggro.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ZW wrote:
Ashenmoor Gouger is a good card against 5cc and faeries because its hard for them to deal with, while it should never have to block versus them. It is very good in red, just not with so much R/W in the format. Please be better informed, as it was in the best red deck last year which had no mana accel and is a very good card for red aggro.

Except you know....not. Ashenmoor Gouger is an alright card for R/G or even R/B/G decks where you can attack with it turn 3. With a R/B deck the best you can do is play it turn 3 and attack turn 4. So really it's a 4cc for 4/4 that can't block in R/B's respective terms. Alright this is ok sure, but why in the hell would you sideboard this?
I can think of a number of cards better suited against 5cc. And ok so it was in the deck that you think was the best last year. How nice for it. Is the format the same as it was last year?
and better yet, did this "best red deck" use the card in it's sideboard!?
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll add mine also since I'm really bored:

1.Favorite Card: Blistering firecat. I remember it being in my sligh deck when I would go to FNM and I remember winning my first tourney with it versus psycatog. I drew it off the top and, being a new player, didn't even know if I would play it or not, because he had so many counters. However, my brother told me to play it(which looking back was completely illegal) and I won as he had no counters.

2. My Favorite decks: Tie between my Extended Sligh of about 2003-2005 with Jackal Pups and Mogg Fanatics and Slith Firewalkers. It was so fast and won me so many FNM's. Other favorite deck was GB deathcloud of Mirroden - Champions T2 after ravager bannings. It was so powerful in JSS's, qualifying me and many other friends for JSS champs. I remember winning then handing it to another friend who won a JSS and then to another who won and so on.

3. Favorite Color: This is tough. I've had alot of favorite colors. But I've never really loved black,blue or white. So I'll say Green and Red.

4. I don't really have a favorite strategy, having used so many different decks. I like to play the best deck that I feel that there is. However, I prefer to play aggro, because it's usually the easiest.

5. I'd say I'm a 7.5/10. I don't have many great accomplishments, but I feel that I'm a good player who can play any type of deck and play limited just as well as constructed. I also think I'm a good deck builder and am someone who can pick up any deck and play it pretty well.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

5 answers from a noob.

1. Favorite card - Nether Spirit. That lovely little 2/2 for 3 is... well... the name of awesomeness. Those draws when first thing you do is - draw, eot, discard nether spirit are just unforgettable. Though desolation angel is close too.

2. MM-Invasion Nether-Go.

3. UW and Dromar.

4. Permission-heavy control.

5. 5/10. I'm no pro, and though i have 2 Nats top-16, nothing more than that.
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Level 1 Judge

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Favorite card: Chub Toad, just for the flavor text goodness. Otherwise I'm more for favorite decks.

Favorite deck: Extended Gro-A-Tog pre Invasion rotation, with Quirion Dryad, Gush, Mox Diamond, Armageddon, Tog, Meddling Mage etc. The deck was really under the radar and had only one bad matchup (Rock). I usually like to play decks that aren't Tier 1.

Favorite color: RG.

Favorite strategy: Aggro-Control, in some way.

Rating: I'd say I'm a 6, a solid player but I'm having problems thinking ahead, and make some mistakes.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Where are Tuga and more important SteveMcHowl Sad
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Burton911 wrote:
Where are Tuga and more important SteveMcHowl Sad

I got PV and pG dude, those are far more famous players then Tuga and Silver.
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Level 1 Judge

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

5. I rate my self 1/10 'cause i have a limited rating of 1528

This made me lol
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

whats wrong Razz im only being honest <3
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Craze wrote:
Burton911 wrote:
Where are Tuga and more important SteveMcHowl Sad

I got PV and pG dude, those are far more famous players then Tuga and Silver.

even more famous than me?
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Burton911 wrote:
Where are Tuga and more important SteveMcHowl Sad

I'd like to meet this Steve person.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

woo i'll do mine cause i'm bored!

1. My favourite card has to be glory seeker, cause when I first started playing he won me my first game.

2. I liked playing rebels. It wasn't a great deck, but they were tricksy.

3. I really like UR and URB, cause it's possible to play a no creature deck and win Smile

4. I like ridiculous combos that take forever to go off, but look really cool when they do.

5. When I try, I can be about a 6. otherwise a 4ish.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 10:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

# What is your favorite mtg card and why?
Temporal Aperture. I like the chance to get something exciting for free.

# Think back to all the different metagames(changing formats) you've played in, what was your favorite deck to play? And why?
Probably monored land destruction/Ensnaring Bridge deck I built at the time of Mercadian Masques/Invasion standard. The deck wasn't very focused, the LD element conflicted with slow nature of the bridge/Grafted Skullcap/slow burning opponent to death (or even millstoning him) part of the deck - but it was quite strong at the time anyway and the deck was my own idea.

# What is your favorite 2 and 3 color combination overall in magic? And why?
Though my favourite color is red, 2 color combo is blue/white, especially in limited. This color combination has traditionally been great in almost every limited format. You can be either control or weenee with it, you have answers to pretty much everything, you have both fast (white) and evasive (blue) creatures. UWR is my favourite 3 color combination.

# What would you say your favorite deck strategy is?(burn, a type of control, combo like decks? Sligh? stall? etc) And why?
In constructed I prefer fast, aggresive, preferably red decks because I like to win quickly, in limited I'm usually prone to a more controllish deck because you can't usually get so quick in limited. As much as I love drawing extra cards, I still consider tempo the most important aspect of the game, so whenever I can, I try to kill my opponent as quickly as possible.
And I've always liked the land destruction strategy (I guess that's the sadistic strain in myself), pity it is not very good nowadays without LD lands. How about reprinting Rishadan Port, Dust Bowl or Wasteland, Wizards?

# Rate yourself as a player 1-10(10 being best), why do you think that?
I'd say 8 in limited, about 6 in constructed, but unfortunately I suck at Alara limited.
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