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Sealed Pool Review

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Joined: 11 Oct 2007
Posts: 79

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:56 pm    Post subject: Sealed Pool Review Reply with quote

Anyone mind taking a look at this sealed pool for me and commenting on it? Should it have been Naya instead of Esper, could Master of Etherium work, was splashing the dragon worth it etc.

The deck just feels bad to me and got its ass handed to it on a platter.

// Deck file for Magic Workstation (

// NAME: Sealed Deck

// Lands
1 [ALA] Grixis Panorama
1 [ALA] Naya Panorama
1 [ALA] Savage Lands
1 [ALA] Forest (1)
4 [ALA] Island (1)
4 [ALA] Swamp (1)
4 [ALA] Plains (1)
1 [ALA] Mountain (1)

// Creatures
1 [ALA] Blister Beetle
1 [ALA] Broodmate Dragon
2 [ALA] Cloudheath Drake
1 [ALA] Dawnray Archer
1 [ALA] Deft Duelist
1 [ALA] Fatestitcher
1 [ALA] Fleshbag Marauder
1 [ALA] Master of Etherium
1 [ALA] Skeletal Kathari
1 [ALA] Tidehollow Strix
1 [ALA] Welkin Guide
1 [ALA] Windwright Mage

// Spells
1 [ALA] Agony Warp
1 [ALA] Bone Splinters
1 [ALA] Courier's Capsule
1 [ALA] Esper Charm
1 [ALA] Etherium Astrolabe
1 [ALA] Executioner's Capsule
1 [ALA] Obelisk of Bant
1 [ALA] Obelisk of Jund
1 [ALA] Oblivion Ring
1 [ALA] Scourglass

// Sideboard
SB: 1 [ALA] Angelic Benediction
SB: 1 [ALA] Angel's Herald
SB: 1 [ALA] Angelsong
SB: 1 [ALA] Banewasp Affliction
SB: 1 [ALA] Behemoth's Herald
SB: 1 [ALA] Call to Heel
SB: 1 [ALA] Cancel
SB: 1 [ALA] Cathartic Adept
SB: 1 [ALA] Court Archers
SB: 1 [ALA] Cylian Elf
SB: 1 [ALA] Deathgreeter
SB: 1 [ALA] Dragon's Herald
SB: 1 [ALA] Dreg Reaver
SB: 1 [ALA] Dregscape Zombie
SB: 2 [ALA] Excommunicate
SB: 1 [ALA] Filigree Sages
SB: 19 [ALA] Forest (1)
SB: 1 [ALA] Goblin Mountaineer
SB: 1 [ALA] Gustrider Exuberant
SB: 2 [ALA] Hissing Iguanar
SB: 1 [ALA] Incurable Ogre
SB: 1 [ALA] Infest
SB: 1 [ALA] Invincible Hymn
SB: 16 [ALA] Island (1)
SB: 1 [ALA] Jhessian Lookout
SB: 1 [ALA] Lush Growth
SB: 1 [ALA] Marble Chalice
SB: 1 [ALA] Mighty Emergence
SB: 1 [ALA] Mosstodon
SB: 1 [ALA] Naturalize
SB: 1 [ALA] Naya Battlemage
SB: 1 [ALA] Outrider of Jhess
SB: 1 [ALA] Resounding Thunder
SB: 1 [ALA] Resounding Wave
SB: 1 [ALA] Rockslide Elemental
SB: 1 [ALA] Savage Hunger
SB: 1 [ALA] Shore Snapper
SB: 15 [ALA] Swamp (1)
SB: 1 [ALA] Thorn-Thrash Viashino
SB: 2 [ALA] Undead Leotau
SB: 1 [ALA] Vectis Silencers
SB: 1 [ALA] Vicious Shadows
SB: 1 [ALA] Vithian Stinger
SB: 1 [ALA] Volcanic Submersion
SB: 14 [ALA] Plains (1)
SB: 17 [ALA] Mountain (1)
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Joined: 30 Oct 2004
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have some bombs to work with. Namely, Broodmate dragon.

I would have played jund and splashed white for O ring and resounding silence.

17 lands
3 good lands
1 Plains

1 Beetle
1 broodmate
1 fleshbag
1 kathari
1 bone splinters
1 Executioner's Capsule
2 Obelisks
1 O ring

Those are the cards already in your deck.

We need 14 more cards to complete the deck.

1 court archers
1 Cylian Elf
1 Dregscape Zombie
2 Iguanar
1 Ogre
1 Naya mage
1 Naturalize
1 Mosstadon
2 Resoundings
1 Rockslide
1 Thorn-Thrash
1 Stinger

The deck is more of an aggro deck. 2x Iguanar is fine even in the sealed format. Naturalize is very good as a 1 of in the maindeck. Infest would usually be an auto include, but this deck features mostly x/2 and its very bothersome if you can get little advantage from infest unless you wait.

I like the devour and you have a decent number of removal spells. You should be able to win all the games your opponents hiccup on mana. Good Luck in the rest of the season. If you wanted to stay a little more agrro I would go with only one obelisk (jund) I would keep keep welkin guide. I think this deck is lacking playables, but its solid in the aggro department. Sideboard cards include volcanic submersion, infest, mountaineers,
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Joined: 18 Feb 2006
Posts: 588

PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

splashing broodmate is silly, you have to get insanely lucky to draw him, a green source and a red source in the same game.

I would do this

-the obelisks

+Vithian Stinger
+Resounding Thunder

And change the land around accordingly.
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Joined: 27 Nov 2006
Posts: 435
Location: Rochester

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree with going jund. Your cards in that shard are just more powerful and your bombs are very very good.

Broodmate Dragon
Fleshbag Marauder
Court Archers
Cylian Elf
Dregscape Zombie
Hissing Iguanar x2
Naya Battlemage
Resounding Thunder
Rockslide Elemental
Thorn-Thrash Viashino
Vithian Stinger
Undead Leotau x2
Volcanic Submersion
Skeletal Kathari
Blister Beetle

Bone Splinters
Executioner's Capsule
Obelisk of Jund
Oblivion Ring

Savage Lands
Naya Panorama
Grixis Panorama

Some combination of those cards probably would work out well.
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