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Report Problems Elsewhere

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Joined: 05 Dec 2006
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:59 am    Post subject: Report Problems Elsewhere Reply with quote

I am new here but today y play 3 tornament and 2 times the people here trai to Cheat the game and the fist they chek the log and give me win, and the secon one I was Claraely wining the game and my oponent disconet on-porpuse and then we going judge4you and we reconect and my oponent again disconect because if we play the same game i will win, and my oponent disconet again, so we have to replay and he win, I am in the top 4 in my state and i want to tray to play Magic League but realy dont want to play if people are chering here because they cand, have some judges friend or someting and they cand, wy the Judges never ask for the LOG i am Cleary wining the game on the log and alwais say Reconecte or Replay wy dont give my oponet game lost, He say he has some coenction problem, Years ago i know this place i dont play untyl now because i was having wireless internet so my conection was not good so i disconeter and conect in the game and i dont want to lose, is just a game wy Cheating so i realy like the place but if the people cand CHEAT this place SUCK ! Seyou un Words 2009 nex time
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Joined: 06 Oct 2007
Posts: 112

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wtf, can't really comprehend most of this post. Shocked Why do people type like that? Confused Anyway, its hard to take seriously if you present the case like that but yeah Im sure we have some corruption of sorts and judgings wont always go like you want to. But why does it matter that much? The cheater is losing anyway since he has to cheat to win and magic-league rating points are not that important, the fact YOU know that you were winning is important.
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Level 3 Judge

Joined: 02 Apr 2005
Posts: 89

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

First of all, I just have to say this... you didn't use a single period in that 600 word sentence. Good job!

For second, game state doesn't matter for ruling, unless leathal damage is on stack or such. It would simply be too much mess for judges trying to understand everyone's decks and figure out who would've possibly won. And that is BEFORE the possible luck factors.

For third, don't whine about league stuff on forums. If you have a problem with a ruling or a player, take it to judges on #judges4you. Thank you.
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