Magic-League Judge Department

Magic-League's day-to-day operation is overseen by a team of dedicated staff members, supported by a team of independent volunteer judges. Magic-League's judges run tournaments, handle questions and issues raised in the judge channel #judges4you by players, and assist in the operation of Magic-League.

To provide an assurance of the quality of our judges, Magic-League expects judges to fulfill the duties required of them with professionalism. The Judge Director makes the final decision on promotions. In order to be promoted to higher judge levels, there are always prerequisites before promotion is taken into consideration. These are outlined below:

Note: Magic-League judges and the Judge Department are not affiliated with or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or the DCI.

Ready to Take the Test?

If you feel you have sufficiently prepared to take the test, you can take an available test by clicking on a link below:

Available Tests:

Level 1 (+ in chatrooms)
  • Pass the Level 1 Judge Test and approval by the Judge Director
  • Run a minimum of four tournaments per month
  • Actively resolve issues raised in the judge channel #judges4you in tournaments they are running
Level 2 (% in chatrooms)
  • Demonstrated Magic: The Gathering tournament knowledge and skills at intermediate level
  • Active dedication to judge discussions
  • Run a minimum of four tournaments per month
  • Actively resolve issues raised in the judge channel #judges4you, especially in tournaments they're running
  • Dedication to training new judges as a judge mentor
Level 3 (@ in chatrooms)
  • Demonstrated Magic: The Gathering tournament knowledge and skills at a advanced level
  • Demonstrated professionalism as a role model within the Magic-League community
  • Active dedication to training new judges as a judge mentor
  • Handle issues that are appealed in the judge channel #judges4you
  • Resolve technical issues that occur during a tournament
  • Contribute towards improving both the Magic-League Judge Department and Magic-League as a whole.
Level 4 (& in Chatrooms)
  • Member of Magic-League staff
  • Managing their area(s) of the Magic-League website as set out in the Contact Us page.
  • Overseeing operation of Magic-League on a day-to-day basis
  • Handle issues that are appealed in the judge channel #judges4you
Level 5 (~ in chatrooms)
  • Hold the position of Judge Director
  • Demonstrated dedication as a senior judge for an extended period of time

From the position description listed on the Contact Us page:

  • Handle complaints against judges
  • Oversee judge behaviour
  • Oversee development of the judge program

If a judge fails to fulfill the requirements for their level, they may be returned to a lower judge level, or be removed from the Judge Department. Judges removed from the Judge Department are free to resit the judge test for Level 1 unless they are undergoing a ban from Magic-League, or a suspension from judging.

If you would like more information about Magic-League's Judge Department, please email

Magic-League Level 1 Judge Test

To become a judge, candidates must successfully pass the Level 1 judge test. Candidates are eligible for testing at any time within an open testing period, as long as they fulfill the requirements to take the test. A testing period is 90 days in length, and a new testing period begins within the first week of December, March, June and September.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to thoroughly prepare before taking the judge test.


  • Hold an account on Magic-League for at least 30 days
  • Participate in at least 3 tournaments
  • Have not taken a judge test before during the current testing period
  • Have a working knowledge of the IRC client mIRC

Test Information
Number of Questions 10
Time Allotted 35 minutes
Questions and Format
  • Part I: Short-answer, 10 questions
  • Part II: Personal character evaluation, 6 questions
To pass 7/10
Language English

Advice on Taking the Test and Useful Links

  • STUDY! Becoming a Magic-League judge requires technical knowledge of the rules, as well as the skills necessary to apply knowledge to situations effectively. Most Magic: The Gathering players will not have acquired the knowledge and skills through playing alone. Studying and thorough preparation will allow you to improve your skills and knowledge and therefore give you the best possible chance of passing the test.
  • Always provide an explanation with your answer to each question, even if the answer doesn't ask for one. The test is designed to evaluate your skills and knowledge. Not providing an explanation with an answer is not giving you an opportunity to demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to become a judge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know if I passed the test or not?

You will receive your results via the email address you provided for your Magic-League account upon registration, usually within 72 hours of completing the test. If your email address is one you no longer use or you wish to change it to a more active email address, you can update it via the Update Profile link once you have logged in to the website.

Q: If I failed the test, can I take it again?

A: You can take the test again during a new testing period. Remember that a new testing period begins at the beginning of December, March, June and September.

Q: I failed the test. Can I see what answers I got incorrect so I know where to improve?

A: While Magic-League understands the benefits that discussing test results with candidates can bring to improving skills and knowledge, due to a finite pool of questions the test has to draw on to generate tests for candidates it unfortunately is not possible to do so at this time.

Q: I passed the test. What do I do next?

A: If you have received a passing grade on your test, the Judge Director will review the personal character evaluation you filled in during your test. If it is found to be suitable, you will be approved as a Level 1 trainee.

A list of candidates who have passed the judge test can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q: I found the test much too hard to pass. Can you make the test easier for me?

A: To ensure that Magic-League can provide a high quality service to its community, Magic-League wants judges to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to operate tournaments and resolve issues efficiently and with professionalism. As a benchmark, we expect a successful candidate passing the test to possess knowledge of common scenarios they would encounter in a typical tournament, and the skills to successfully apply them. Instead of making the test easier for candidates, we encourage candidates to develop their skills and knowledge to ensure that they have all the knowledge and skills necessary to handle issues that they resolve.

Successful Candidates

Candidates who have successfully passed the Level 1 Judge Test will have either 'Awaiting Approval' or 'Awaiting Training' next to their names:

  • Candidates with 'Awaiting Approval' next to their names are still awaiting approval from the Judge Director. If this status does not change after 1-2 weeks, please email the Judge Director at
  • Candidates with 'Awaiting Training' next to their names have been approved for training and will begin their training as soon as they have been assigned a judge mentor. If this status is next to your name, please contact a staff member on IRC so we can assign you a judge mentor and you can begin your training.

Candidate Status
long-jumper_Awaiting Approval
AlexPistolsAwaiting Training
aneotoenaAwaiting Training

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