Not in any particular order within categories

=== Near Future ===
Online draft
-Rochester Draft
-Booster Draft

Team Tournament: 3v3.  Players sign up for one of the 3 slots on the team (each slot cooresponding to a format)

New Single Player tournaments
-Double elim

TC Script structure: (TineFol is working on this)
-TCs only have to do things like pair, start the tournament, set description once via the site.  The TC script should auto fetch the data
-Time left in round via site, show countdown to end of round in player report box (as well as in IRC as usual)

-Display only to 1 person
-Reveal to all after a day
-"Descriptions" to go with the logs

=== Mid Future ===

Deck Display Enhancements
-Downloadable in .mwDec format
-Statistics (pie charts etc a la StarCityGames)

Forum upgrade
-Upgrade to phpBB 3.0 when its finally released (currently Release Candidate 4 is out)

=== Far future ===

Firefox/IE plugins
-Players get notified when tournaments are forming
-Maybe latest news/articles/decks?

Better M-L branding
-Have an actual magic-league logo that is recognizable
-Create a icon that goes in the web browser's addressbar

M-L MWS distribution
-Magic-League theme
-better default options
-include masterbase

Botski improvements
-Better seaching, card text searching
-Un sets (this can currently be done if you fiddle with the spoiler a bit)
-Better rules searching, keyword searching
-Fix small bugs like AE