Koen Moerman - Technical & Financial Director

Koen's main activities are focused on the infrastructure of the League and the technologies needed to support our operations. He also handles the financial aspects of the League and most general issues.

Koen Moerman lives in The Netherlands and works at the Finance dept. of UPC, a big cable tv and broadband internet supplier. Koen also studies to get a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Further in his spare time: he works on, plays tennis, likes going out and interests himself in international politics and economics and web-programming.

Alex - Managing Director

Alex develops and maintains League features and is responsible for activities involving the administration and management of Magic-League. He develops and oversees Magic-League's staff & crew management process and policy.

Alex lives in the UK at the moment (Edinburgh) and doing an Msc in Interactive Technologies for E-commerce.

Nico - Judge Director

Nico is in charge of the Judge Department and responsible for current policies, procedures and operations.

Dirkjan - Director of PR & Communications

Dirkjan takes care of league promotion and is eager to arrange deals with interested potential sponsors.

League Staff

Lydonius - Judges Manager

Lydonius is working close with the Judge Director to make sure procedures and policies are followed.

Laplie - Events Manager

Laplie manages and oversees the scheduling and running of high profile tournaments.

Djinn- Judges Manager

Djinn deals with the Judge Tests System and orientantion of new judges.

Lamex - Forum Administrator & Technical Officer

Lamex is the mastermind behind our forums since he coded everything from scratch.

Neo - Ratings Manager

Neo monitors ratings and handles protests or any problems that may occur in tournaments/single matches.

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