Koen Moerman - Financial Director

Koen handles the financial aspects of the League and most general issues.

Koen Moerman lives in The Netherlands and works at the Finance dept. of UPC, a big cable tv and broadband internet supplier. Koen also studies to get a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Further in his spare time: he works on, plays tennis, likes going out and interests himself in international politics and economics and web-programming.

Alex - League Director

Alex develops and maintains League features and is responsible for activities involving the administration and management of Magic-League. He develops and oversees Magic-League's staff & crew management process and policy.

Alex lives in the UK at the moment (Edinburgh) and is working for an Interactive Multimedia Agency.

Nico - Beta Director

Nico is in charge of the game servers and betatests and responsible for current policies, procedures and operations.

Dirkjan - Director of PR & Communications

Dirkjan takes care of league promotion and is eager to arrange deals with interested potential sponsors.

Azania - Technical Director

Azania is in charge of the website programming. He will handle all the site issues.

League Staff

Laplie - Events Manager

Laplie manages and oversees the scheduling and running of high profile tournaments.

Neo - Ratings Manager

Neo monitors ratings and handles protests or any problems that may occur in tournaments/single matches.

Gerrardfo - Coverage Director, Judge Manager

Gerrardfo oversees the coverage page and handles the article submission process. He also deals with the Judge Tests System and the orientation of new judges.

niknight - Judge Manager

niknight deals with the Judge Tests System and orientation of new judges.

Shyft- - Judge Manager

Shyft- deals with the Judge Tests System and orientation of new judges.

CMA-Flippi - Judge Director

CMA-Flippi deals with the Judge Tests System and orientation of new judges.

Honorary League Ex-Staff

Lydonius - Judges Manager

Lydonius was a former judge manager.

Djinn- Judges Manager

Djinn was a former judge manager.

Wildcard- Judges Manager

Wildcard was a former judge manager.

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