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On you have the opportunity to challenge users to singles matches. You can play people in singles matches any time, casual or for rating. If you wish to play for rating points, find an opponent in the chatroom and agree on a format for points. Then go to the singles matches section and fill out your chatroom nick, your opponent�s site name, the rating category (Constructed, Limited, or Eternal), and a short description of the format. We advise the following when playing a singles match:

  • Make sure both players agree on and understand the format they have agreed on playing.
  • Address any time issues beforehand and/or set a time limit for the match.
  • You clarify how many games you will play with your opponent. Usually matches are best two out of three games.
  • Do not begin playing until your opponent accepts onsite! Remember to challenge a player before playing the match.

Report the match once it is finished. If you have a problem with the report of the match, go to the protest option under the singles matches section. If you need help protesting a match, ask for assistance in #judges4you. Include an explanation of what happened and logs from the game in this protest. You can save logs from apprentice by doing File->save window message buffer, or File->save logs in MWS. Additionally, you can set Magic Workstation to autosave logs by, while in a game, clicking Options->Preferences->General and checking the �Autosave logs� box.

Reporting Troublesome Opponents

If you have a problem with an opponent, do not flame them in the main channel. Simply join #judges4you and report them and explain what he/she has done wrong. We keep track of these reports in a penalty database that is constantly updated. High offenses can result in a ban of the player committing them. Lying about what other players have done is also illegal; it may also result in a ban. Evading bans is also illegal and will result in longer ban time.

Rules Familiarity

It is the responsibility of all players to have read and learned the magic-league tournament/channel rules in advance. If you have any questions about software, please check the software guides or /join #judges4you and request help with that program. Players should familiarize themselves with the software before playing any league-rated matches. Players should also make sure their internet connection is stable and will not cause problems during game play. Failure to know the rules and/or ignorance of the rules are not valid excuses for rude behavior or match problems. Guides on the site are online for people to read, not just for show.


Multiaccounting is forbidden; players may only play with one account. Using multiple accounts is not allowed, and can lead to bans for fraud.

General Rules Channel Rules Tournament Rules

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