Ratings errors correcting

How to correct errors in ratings.

When there is an error for a ratings chane in the database it reflects on all matches in that database. It is not hard to correct those errors, it just is a matter of being careful and ignoring some error messages from the host.

Anyway, here is the how-to:

First of all, you will need to find a match that has been played close before the error occurs, and the match must be one that is in the same ratings category where the error occurs, so when you have an error in the constructed rating, you need to edit a match result in the constructed category. Preferably change a match that ended in a win like 2-0, change it to 2-1 for that makes no difference for the ratings in itself, but it forces the script to do a recalculation for all the matches after that point.

Click the update button, and the script will do a full recalculation. This will most likely result in the infamous max queries exceeded error. Never mind that, just click update again untill the script starts calculating again. matches that have been recalculated are flagged, and will not be calculated again, so the script will restart at the point where it was halted. When after a updating the page comes up without a querie error, the calculations have been done. Be aware that you have done recalculations

Now,you will need to take the site down for a while, or to be mroe precize you will need to make it so that the general public cannot access the pages or the database in any way. This is done in the following manner: login via ftp or vdeck filemanager, then go to the public_html folder.

you will need to change the names of the following files:

connectdb.php must change to connectdb_online.php

connectdb_down.php must change name to connectdb.php

now the site is down, and visitors will see the dreaded message that key parts of our site are unreachable, because the database is down.

Now, you will need to run the synchronize script.

In your browser, type the following url: www.magic-league.com/rating/synchron ize.php?category=x

where x=1 for constructed

2 for limited

3 for eternal

4 for other

This script has throttling, and in the url bar you will be able to see the progress cause it will mention part xx, where xx is a number.

When the script has finished, it will say so by printing part xx, and a message that calculations have been done.

the final part is running the process script. this script has no throttling, so the max querie error will occur, but no need to worry, again processed and non processed matches have been flagged so the script wil always continue at the right place.

Start the script by entering the following url in the bar: www.magic-league.com/rating/process.php?db_user=username, where username can be one of the following: magiclea_usemldb, run_scripts or run_scripts2. You can use any of those names, and when you get the max_queries exceeded error, run the script again but with a different username. You may have to cycle a few times through all 3 user names because of the max_queries error. The script has finished succesfully when you get a clean screen without error messages.

When those steps have been done succesfully, ratings will be their correct value again.

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