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USA Owner & Commercial Director: Oppo

As owner, Oppo is responsible for principal decisions regarding Magic-League and its operation.

As Commercial Director, Oppo is responsible for advertising and related issues on Magic-League. Oppo is also responsible for the management and distribution of prizes.

If you are interested in advertising on Magic-League, or wish to find out more information about advertising and sponsorship, please contact Oppo.

You can contact Oppo at

Germany Human Resources & Site Maintenance Director: derflippi

As Human Resources Director, derflippi is responsible for handling complaints against staff members, recruitment of staff members and management of staff issues. Additionally, derflippi is responsible for staff task restructuring and overall development of Magic-League's long-term plans.

As Site Maintenance Director, derflippi is responsible for handling and resolving technical issues with the site.

If you have any questions or concerns about staff, or notice any technical issues with the website, please contact derflippi.

You can contact derflippi at

Poland Tournament Planning Director: Kaesh

As Tournament Planning Director, Kaesh is responsible for the planning and scheduling of high-level Magic-League tournaments.

If you have any questions regarding tournament scheduling, please contact Kaesh

You can contact Kaesh at

USA Judge Manager: Jinete_dV

As Judge Manager, Jinete_dV is responsible for Judge Conduct and Development.

That starts with the tests to become a judge and mentoring new judges through the first steps, but also includes handling complaints about judges or rulings. Jinete_dV of course doesn't do this all alone. He's being supported by a team of other volunteers of judges in very good standing.

You can contact Jinete_dV at

USA Policy Director: moscowdemon

As Policy Director, moscowdemon is responsible for overseeing and developing both new and existing Magic-League policies.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our policies, please contact moscowdemon

You can contact moscowdemon at

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