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Magic-League Channel Rules
Channel Rules

We provide the unique opportunity for players from around the world to play magic online for free. Because we usually have a busy channel, we expect users to show appropriate behavior while online. The following rules are in effect for #magic-league, #apprentice, #judges4you, #master, #flips, and #draft4you:

Flooding: Flooding is excessive repetition of a message or quickly typing multiple lines that have no meaning or merit toward the conversation. Flooding is not allowed in magic-league.

Illegal Characters: Use of colors and all caps/bold letters is prohibited. Colors are only allowed for important league announcements, such as mini timers or entries, or for ops. Players who use colors for no beneficial reason toward the league will be warned and potentially kicked/banned.

Offensive Language: Magic-League tries to maintain a channel that is friendly for players of all ages. We ask that you behave respectfully and responsibly. Offensive language and rude behavior can result in bans, especially racist comments. Racism will not be tolerated and can warrant a lengthy ban based on the severity of the comment. If you have a problem with another user in the channel, simply private message them and handle it there. Flames do not belong in the main channel.

Clones/Bots: Only staff members are allowed to have bots/clones in the main channel. If you have multiple family members on the same internet, register this with an admin.

Scripts: All scripts (war, flood, colors) that are not authorized by an admin are not permitted. Players who use scripts with excessive amounts of color will be warned to remove them from the main channel immediately.

Advertising: Advertisements for non-league channels is allowed only once every hour and may not contain colors. Admins have the right to deny a user to advertise a channel. Channel advertisements may only be run by the owner of the channel, and must be 100 characters or less. Users that advertise too frequently or against stated rules may be kicked/banned.

Idling: Players may not idle in #judges4you. If they have a rules question, they may join and ask it then /part afterwards. Players should also not join #judges4you for the !card feature because it might disrupt rulings going on at that time. Feel free to idle in other league channels.

Minibegging: The act of asking that a judge start a tournament or otherwise making a judge aware that a player would like a tournament is known as 'minibegging'. This is not permitted in league channels as it is considered spam. What is considered to be minibegging is at the discretion of channel operators.

Players should behave themselves in the main channel. The main channel is for players to find opponents in tournaments or for singles matches/casual games. Players who violate the rules or are obscene may be kicked/banned by operators. If an operator warns you, listen to them carefully. Users who do not follow the rules may be banned based on the operator�s discretion.

Channel Moderators

There are many different symbols by the names of players in the channel. Here is a quick way to recognize who can do what:

  • +/%: These are level one judges. They can run minis and give rulings in #judges4you. If you have a ruling question or problem in a mini, type /join #judges4you and report the problem and a judge will help you.
  • @: These are channel operators/level two judges. They also can run minis and give rulings in #judges4you, but also can help with fraudulent reports and have access beyond that of a level one judge. They maintain channel order and rules by warning users if they cross the line. They may kick or ban users for violating rules if necessary.
  • &/~: These are site admins. If you have a specific issue with a portion of the site or specific users, report them to these people. They also watch over magic-league channels to make sure the rules are being followed and have more absolute kick/ban abilities.
  • TC: The TC (or tournament coordinator) is the person in charge of the tournament. If you have a minor issue that isn�t rules related, you can private message this person with the issue and he/she will handle it. All TCs are judges and respond in #judges4you. In case they deliver an incorrect ruling, a higher judge can overrule them. Remember: if you disagree with a ruling given by a level one judge, you can appeal the ruling to a level two judge.
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