Tournaments Calendar
Date Day Time Play
Format Tourney Type Rating
Apr 23 Mon 2 AM CET #magic-league Historic Standard Trial
Apr 23 Mon 6 PM CET #magic-league Modern Trial
Apr 24 Tue 5 PM CET #magic-league Master's 25 Draft Trial
Apr 25 Wed 8 PM CET #magic-league Pauper Trial
Apr 26 Thu 6 PM CET #magic-league Historic Standard Trial
Apr 28 Sat 6 PM CET #magic-league MOCKs Master Tourney
Apr 29 Sun 6 PM CET #magic-league Historic Standard Master
Date Day Time Play
Format Tourney Type Rating
Apr 30 Mon 9 PM CET #magic-league Legacy Tourney

Play Application

Tournaments are played with any playing application. The most used application at the moment is "Cockatrice".


A Trial is a single elimination tournament where the winner(s) will get (a) Bye(s) for the upcoming Swiss Master tournament. This will mean that the player can start the Master a round later with a free win in the pocket.


The tournament structure of Masters is Swiss. Everyone can join a Master, unless the Master is called an "Invitational". For an Invitational, you need to qualify through Trials, high Ratings or a high Team ranking.


  • Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 6 PM CET: Historic Standard #magic-league Master

    • Prize: Winner: TBD; Second: TBD; and the entirety of it's staff are not responsible for any damage or loss of product during transition of prizes. Additionally, assumes no responsibility of contacting you to gather your prizes. Any prizes not collected or attempted to be collected by way of contact with our Director(s) at the time of 30 days past the initial point they were awarded, will be given back to

Other Tournaments

Most tournaments are not announced in the calendar but there are plenty of them in our Chatroom. Magic-League averages about 10 tournaments per day! They are usually single elimination, unless specifically stated otherwise.

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