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Magic-League first was founded in November 2001 by Dirkjan as a section of Koen, as a editor, joined early on. Soon the league grew from 800 visitors on the main page per week to 3,000 visitors per week a year later in November 2002. That was the time when Magic-League moved to its own domain: Now Magic-League is still continuing the growth with about 24 tournaments and hundreds of single matches for rating each day.

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If you want to contact us regarding anything, please visit our "Contact Us"-page. This page here only lists our Staff members and what they do.

Magic-League Staff
Koen - Director, Webmaster, Owner
Koen basicly knows everything about the league and therefore he is usually very busy. Koen joined the league during the first days it was formed. Koen is mostly known because Koen develops and implements most of our IRC and website technologies. Koen handles the general issues.

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apa - Events Director
apa is our Ratings Director and he is also very knowledgable on programming and computer-technical issues.

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MTGmanLA - Judge Director
MTGmanLA is a Judge Director, Ratings Manager, And Coverage Editor. MTGmanLA Also finds time to update the site news and is a Level 3 Judge.

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nico - Judge Director
Nico is an irl friend of Koen and Dirkjan and organizes tournaments irl from time to time, so he definately knows his rules and how Judges should behave. He helps testing people and supervising rulings in #Judges4You.

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Alex - Administrator, Advisor
Alex joined the league when it wasn't even a week old yet, so if any of us is an oldschool league player, it is Alex. Since then he has contributed greatly to the success of this league. Alex currently helps with various Magic-League Web Design scripting projects and administration.

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Lydonius - Judge Director
Lydonius is a very knowledgable, active and experienced Judge that takes J1 tests sometimes and helps designing the test. He has also helped this league tremendously by TC-ing a lot of big Prized Tournaments and helping new judges and players find their way in this league.

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War18 - Judge Director
war18 is an expert in Magic rules and in solving difficult rulings. He's a respected judge that helps making the judge test and performs a lot of other Judge Department activities.

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Arcanis - Decks Manager, Coverage Manager, Site Content Editor
Arcanis is the decks manager and also one of the coverage managers. He also updates the website Content..

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Trabanino - Coverage Director
Trabanino is the Coverage Director. He takes care of making sure big events and hot items are Covered.

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Neo - Judge Director
Neo is a Judge Director, and Programs Manager. He also Updates Ratings, and News. Neo is a Level 3 Judge.

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Lamex - Forum Administrator
Lamex is the mastermind behind our nice and techy forums. He is dedicated and hard working providing technical solutions for Magic-League.

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aule - Decks Manager, Newsletter Editor
Aule has been around for a long time. He is now a very active and informative Level 2 Judge, and always looking to do more for the league. His current project is the league newsletter, of which the first issue should be coming out in a few weeks.

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JulienN - Judges Manager, Tech Officer
JulienN has much rules knowledge and contributes making the Judge test and testing people during the first week of the month. Besides this, he is also busy with designing a new league site. If you're good in designing logos and banners and you want to help, you can contact JulienN.

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Dirkjan - Founder, Advisor
Dirkjan is the founder of the league and incorporated many aspects of the league that made it to such a success.Dirkjan now runs a webdesign company called From this perspective he contributes to all sorts of aspects of Magic-League.

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Thrawn - Legislative Judge Director, Teams Director
Thrawn has also been with the league for a long time. Previously he was known as Wow and later Bazyl. We got to know him as a very active and enthusiastic Judge with great talents. Thrawn runs also his own site:

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