Magic-League Changed

Sign Up

You will need to sign up again. You only need to sign up on the site.


Teams will need to be formed over again. #Teams4You will cease to exist as Team captains can now create and edit their teams on site.

Team points will be reset after each season. A season lasts 3 months.


There are 4 different kind of ratings now:

  • Constructed: The official DCI constructed formats: T2, Block and Extended.
  • Limited: Draft and Sealed.
  • Vintage: T1 and T1.5.
  • Other: Any other format, like Bring Your Own Block and Highlander etc.
  • Composite: This isn't a seperate rating category, but it is the average of the Constructed and Limited rating.

Ratings will be saved forever. When a new season starts, you will still continue with your old rating. Maybe due to site capacity your rating history, specified per match, will not be saved, but you will keep your rating.

Ratings are now updated instantly after a single match is confirmed by both players and also right after a TC confirms the round results.

Single Matches

Single matches will go through the site. A new thing is that you first need to challenge your opponent. If your opponent accepts, then you can start playing; and not earlier. This was created to prevent people from claiming "But it was just a casual match" when they lose.


As said above, tournaments will also run through the site. The pairings will be on the site. You need to report on the site. In the Chatroom you need to contact your opponent and in the Chatroom there will be round timers. Rulings, as always, are made in the #judges4you room.


The Forum will not be online for a couple of weeks. Lamex is remaking the entire source code of the forum and adding more advanced moderator and administration features.

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