Frequently Asked Questions

1. Getting Started on Magic-League

Q. I want to play on Magic-League. How can I do that?

A. The Getting Started on Magic-League guide contains all the information you need to get yourself ready to play on Magic-League!

Q. What do you guys use to play on Magic-League?

A. Wikipedia contains a list of Magic: The Gathering games and software. We allow players to use whatever play application they wish. The most commonly used application to play on Magic-League is currently Cockatrice.

Due to legal reasons, we unfortunately cannot provide players with downloads for specific applications.

Q. I'm not sure how to use the play application I downloaded. Help me!

A. Due to legal reasons, we cannot provide specific help or guides for users. Magic: The Gathering forums often have sections dedicated to guides and help with play applications. Similarly, searching engines such as Google and the websites of the play applications themselves often have guides to help users set up their play applications.

2. Cockatrice Chat

Q. What is the Cockatrice Chatroom?

A. It is the medium through which Magic-League's chat and most tournament functions operate. To access Magic-League’s own chatroom open Cockatrice, connect to server, then click “Server”, “Magic-League”, and then “Join”. You may also access's discord channel by clicking here! You may use this discord to talk about anything ranging from the tournaments we run here, to the sickest brew you made!

3. Tournaments

Q. I see an announcement for an open tournament in the Cockatrice chatroom. How do I join it?

A. Refresh the Magic-League home page. If registration is still open for a tournament, there will be a panel in the middle of the page allowing you to join the tournament. Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can enter your details and provide a decklist (if the format requires one).

Once you submit your details you will be taken to a page with your registration details, along with security codes for your decklist if you provided one. It is important that you check that the security code in the play application of your choice matches the code listed on the website. If it isn't, you should join the cockatrice chatroom immediately and ask a judge to help you resolve your issue.

Q. I joined a sealed tournament. Where do I build my deck?

A. When the Deckbuilding Round is announced in #magic-league, refresh the home page. Underneath the panel that appears for you to enter the result of your match, there will be a link that says "You can build your sealed deck by clicking here". Clicking it will take you to the website's sealed deck generator, where you will be able to build your deck.

Once you build your deck and submit it, you will be given your decklist that you can import into the play application of your choice.

Some sealed events and drafts are run on other sites that provide deck security codes. When you are entered in this type of event, the judge running your event will provide you with the link once your event is ready.

Q. I tried importing my sealed deck but I was told there were errors in importing it. What do I do?

A. First, check that your security code in your play application matches the security code listed on the Magic-League website. If it doesn't, ask a judge for help or the chatroom..

Q. I'm in my first tournament and the first round started. What do I do?

A. Undertake the following steps:

  • Contact your opponent. You can do this via private message by clicking on their name in the chatroom. Alternatively, you can also simply create a game with their name as the title so they can join you there.
  • Connect to your opponent and play!
  • If your opponent would like you to make the room, make sure you properly label the room and enable spectators to chat so that your opponent can find you, and judges can help if needed, respectfully. (Note: Do not allow spectators to be able to see hands, as this could cause issues with cheating!)

Q. My match is over. How do I report the result?

A. Refresh the Magic-League home page. There will be a panel in the middle of the screen for you to enter the results of your match with your opponent.

Q. When does Magic-League run tournaments?

A. Magic-League tournaments can be categorised into two types of tournaments based on when they run:

  • Pre-scheduled tournaments are scheduled in advance by our Tournament Planning Director. A list of tournaments that are scheduled along with the times they are scheduled to start are available via the Calendar.
  • Unscheduled tournaments are tournaments that are run by judges, and can be run at any time judges wish to run them.

4. Magic-League Judges

Q. Who are the judges of Magic-League?

A.The Magic-League Judge List will help you find a judge or specific staff member whenever you need. This list is updated frequently.

Q. Are Magic-League's judges official Magic: The Gathering judges?

A. Magic-League runs its own judge program separate to that of the DCI (Magic: The Gathering's official judging body). However, many of Magic-League's judges also choose to become DCI-certified.

Q. I want to run tournaments. How can I become a judge?

A. People who wish to become judges should check out the Become a Judge page on the Magic-League website.

Q. Something happened during a tournament match I was playing with my opponent. What do I do?

A. If something happened in your match (whether it be a game rule was broken, the play application crashed, or something else), you should proceed through the following steps:

  1. Record as much information as you can about the issue. Take a screenshot of your play application's window and save log files if you can. A judge may not need all the information you have at hand, but it speeds up the process of resolving your issue if you have the information ready to provide judges if they need it.
  2. Politely ask your opponent to pause the game and invite a judge to your match.
  3. Explain your issue to the judge who responds. Provide as much detail as you can about your issue.

Q. I don't agree with the ruling a judge has made. What can I do?

A. If a player disagrees with a judge's ruling, players have the option of appealing the ruling. To appeal, you can simply say, "I would like to appeal", If a judge of a higher level is around to handle the ruling, they'll handle the appeal for you.

Note: A ruling made by a level 4 or higher judge cannot be appealed.

5. Magic-League Staff

Q. Who are the Magic-League staff?

A. Magic-League is run by a team of volunteer staff members who oversee different areas of Magic-League's operation. A list of league staff can be found on the Contact Us page.

Q. I have a question/complaint/issue about some part of Magic-League. Who do I talk to?

A. The Contact Us page has a list of staff as well as the areas they are responsible for. If you a question or complaint, please use the staff member's email address to contact them.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q. I see a 'Teams' link on the Magic-League homepage. What's that about?

A. Magic-League allows players to register a team. Players on teams accumulate points for their team by performing well in tournaments. Many players choose to join a team so that they have a regular group of friends to work on decks with, as well as test ideas out with. Top-ranked teams earn Byes at Master tournaments.

If you would like more information, check out the Team Rules link.

Q. Some players don't seem as friendly as others. Why is that?

A. Because Magic-League's members come from places around the world, there a lot of cultural and linguistic differences between players. Often, what feels like unfriendly behaviour simply comes down to cultural differences.

However, there are some things all players can do to overcome this and help develop positive interactions with their opponents:

  • Emotes go a long way to conveying positive feelings, even if you don't speak the same language as your opponent. A simple :) if you're unsure does a lot in helping your opponent understand you have positive intentions :).
  • Saying 'Good luck!' at the beginning of a match and 'Thanks for the games!' at the end of a match is often considered common courtesy.
  • If a game rule is broken or an issue arises in a match, ask politely for your opponent to pause and request a judge to join your match. Bringing an issue to the attention of judges can be stressful for some players, so being polite will go a long way. Emotes (mentioned above) can also go a long way to alleviating any stresses you or your opponent may have.

Something Missing from the FAQ?

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