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Apprentice Guide / Walkthrough

Customizing Apprentice, using Deck Editor and connecting to an opponent

Now that you know the basic functions of apprentice, you can set it up so that it is ready for battle. First of all you will need to set your name. To do this, goto Options > Set Name. A box will then pop up asking you to enter your new name. Most people use a name similar to their IRC nicks, but you do not have to. Now enter your name into here, it should look a bit like this:

Now your apprentice is ready for battle, but you are not: You have no decks! Now click on the deck editor button (the open book), and you will be presented with this screen:

Now, if you know what cards you want in your deck, you can just type in the name of the card in the box below "Find Card:" then add it to your deck or sideboard, if not you can use the filter tools. The filter tools are very easy to use, you just enter the appropriate criteria then click on the green "Go" button at the top right of the window.

Once you have your deck complete, you will want to save it so you can use it in games, to do this simply click on the floppy disk button at the top of the window.

*TIP* You will eventually build up a large database of decks, and it will get very confusing, so before you make any decks you may want to delete the pre-made decks from the directory, unless you want to keep them. You could then make a default style for naming your decks, such as: This will keep things a lot more organized in your decks directory.

The rest of the buttons in the deck editor window are: new deck, load deck, export a deck in txt format, save deck, print deck and print card list. These are all very useful, and simple to use features.

Now you are ready for battle, you have your decks, and you know how to work apprentice. Although you may want to go straght in to battle, it is normally advisable for you to play a few solitaire games first, which is when you do not connect to an opponent. To start any type of game you click on the new game button (the wand). From there you will be presented with this screen:

Before you do anything, you will need to load the deck you want to play with, you do this simply by clicking load deck, and selecting the appropriate one from your Decks directory. From there you can select your game type, either solitaire or a game connected by the internet. If you play a solitaire game it will simply go straght into the game, but when connecting to the internet you will be presented with another screen:

Now, you will need to either give your opponent your I.P address (which is displayed in apprentice on the current screen), or get your opponents. If you get your opponents IP, paste it into the box after "Calling my opponent at" and click Ok. If you have given your opponent your IP, then select Waiting for a call and click Ok, then the game should start.

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