Download Apprentice

Here you can download Apprentice and the latest patch featuring all the latest sets: Future Sight and Tenth Edition! Apprentice is a program to play Magic: the Gathering online. The size is below 2 MB.

Full Download

(including all MTG sets up to Future Sight & 10th Edition)

  • Apprentice 1.46 (from:
    Last updated: 2017-08-19 03:36 CET

Download it and open it, then click on "Install". This will put all files into: C:\Program Files\Apprentice. Note that it will overwrite old files there, including old decks. It's advised you don't change the folder where you have it unzipped to (C:\Program Files\Apprentice). Changing it will mean you'll also have to edit the Appr.ini file with notepad. Note that if you have a functioning Apprentice already you'll just need the patch above.

Apprentice Patch

(A Patch/Update including all MTG sets up to 10th Edition)

You have to open the file with WinZip and extract the files to your Apprentice directory.

Basic Download for Windows 95/98

(Up to Urza's Destiny, July 1999)

Unfortunately the DragonStudios site is down and will probably remain down forever.

New patches:

Install Apprentice

The .exe file of the full Apprentice shouldn't be hard to install. Just remember it unzips to C:\Program Files\Apprentice. For a .zip file you need to have a Compression Tool. WinZip is the most used program for this, but it's ShareWare.

Error - 'Silver is not a valid integer'

Some people seem to have this error. It can be solved by going through the following:

  • 'Options'...
  • 'Preferences'...
  • 'Theme'-tab...
  • 'Change Theme'...
  • Now select a theme and...
  • restart apprentice.

This should fix it. If not, or if you have any other errors, you can ask people in our League Room.

Apprentice Guide

Playing with Apprentice - Apprentice Guide

We have an Apprentice Walkthrough / Guide, to help you using Apprentice.

Start playing in Magic-League!

Info about how to start playing casual games or tournaments in Magic-League can be read in our How to start section.

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