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RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

2nd Big Red Kabelis Jun 08 Trial Tournament
3rd UW Control Duodax
1st BG Infect Strid3r May 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Monogreen Persist Aggro _Godica
Top4 White Weenie derflippi
Top4 RG Land Destruction shadowist
1st UWR Control el_focker May 11 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control shadowist
1st Rw Burn max09 May 03 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Control shadowist
3rd Grixis Storm _Godica
1st Punishing Bant Pegachris Apr 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Clean UW Control _Godica
Top4 Punishing UW Control el_focker
Top4 Naya Midrange DuckyNinja
1st Boros Aggro el_focker Mar 30 Trial Tournament
2nd Bw Aggro Scuta04
3rd UW Control Strid3r
1st Wr Aggro-Control saurgoth Mar 16 Trial Tournament
2nd White Weenie Hardy
3rd Vampires speedydiesto
1st RW Rifter Pegachris Mar 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Rb Goblins mister_milk
3rd Rares Bant EJLV
1st Mono Black saurgoth Feb 16 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control Duodax
3rd Underworld Dreams DuckyNinja
1st White Weenie Canabiest Feb 02 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Aggro SaTiVa
3rd White Weenie Kabelis
4th GW Glare silverbullet
1st Combo everything _Godica Jan 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Caw Blade el_focker
3rd Caw Blade Duodax
1st Red Ruination Canabiest Dec 29 Master Tournament
2nd RuG StatiPeddler Saviora
Top4 Jund dumbrally
Top4 UW Control el_focker
Top8 UW Control fierybolt
Top8 UWR Control _Godica
Top8 Jund ghost9510
1st RDW bugaga Dec 28 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control el_focker
3rd Dralnu du Louvre kenny18O
1st Jund Pringlez Dec 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Mostly Mono Black petsuch
1st UW Control LuCaparroz Dec 26 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control Incontroll
Top4 UW Control Zits
Top4 UW Control el_focker

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