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RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived RFT Random Format Tournament Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

2nd White Weenie KingCardinal May 10 Trial Tournament
1st Naya Incontroll Apr 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Trinity Green Leclairandy
1st Mono Blue Control grimsha Mar 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Rakdos Aggro Jinete_dV
1st UB Belcher Strid3r Mar 21 Trial Tournament
1st Mono Green Trinity grimsha Mar 01 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Ramp matteosica
3rd UR Counterburn Wrinkle22
1st Doran Strid3r Jan 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Control skullbashx
3rd Mono Black Control DuckyNinja
1st 4c Aggro GuilleGG Jan 01 Trial Tournament
2nd 4c Aggro Strid3r
Top4 Monoblack Aggro AXiLLA
Top4 Green Tokens Wrinkle22
1st GB Midrange el_focker Dec 21 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono G Aggro Kabelis
3rd UB Faeries Livermush
1st Mono Blue Control AXiLLA Dec 06 Trial Tournament
1st UW Control el_focker Oct 12 Trial Tournament
2nd 4c Control DuckyNinja
Top4 UW Control AlterSad
Top4 Zombies! yarlei
1st UW Control AlterSad Oct 04 Trial Tournament
2nd WB Aggro shadowist
Top4 UR Control pseudodespot
Top4 WB Aggro Xemnon
1st White Weenie Kabelis Sep 20 Trial Tournament
2nd RDW Xemnon
1st UB Control el_focker Sep 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Dream Halls Xemnon
Top4 UW Control Pegachris
Top4 Naya Wildfire saurgoth
1st Mono Green Aggro Kabelis Aug 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity Havock
Top4 Esper Control el_focker
Top4 WB Midrange DuckyNinja
1st Jund Ferionor2 Aug 03 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Control pseudodespot
Top4 Jund kenny18O
Top4 BW Control Strid3r
1st Mono Green Monsters el_focker Jul 20 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Control skullbashx
1st Grixis Belcher Strid3r Jul 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Midrange Duodax
1st Esper Control el_focker Jun 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control Strid3r
3rd Azorius Control skullbashx
1st Red Deck Wins Strid3r Jun 08 Trial Tournament

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