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Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

Top4 MUD Hmmmmmm Jul 08 Trial Tournament
Top4 ANT Ehri
1st Dredge TugaChampion Jun 12 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Hater LordLink
3rd GUw Noble IkeReilly
1st ANT Ehri May 15 Trial Tournament
2nd WUg Weenie IkeReilly
3rd Ubr Keeper Alakai
1st Bomberman pwnz May 04 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Weenie Ludz
3rd ANT Ehri
1st ANT therock88 Apr 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Workshop Aggro Wiley
3rd UBR Fish dumbrally
1st Bomberman Alakai Mar 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezzeret Control kam_d04
Top4 Ichorid Ctrlqg
Top4 TPS Dapug
1st 5c Staxx Monoyellow Oct 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Bomberman JohnRambo
3rd Bomberman Alakai
1st Eva Green Murphy Sep 27 Trial Tournament
2nd PainterStone SkaP
Top4 Bomberman Alakai
Top4 Drain Tendrils Dapug
1st Bomberman gypsy Jul 05 Trial Tournament
2nd Rg Beats Eldariel
3rd TK DeezNaught Warninero
1st Workshop Aggro Lenin Jun 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Ichorid Ethren
Top4 Painter's Grind KingJames
Top4 Ub Faeries warwizard87
1st Workshop Aggro Ehri May 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Gush Storm wox2
Top4 Painter's Grind ykpon
Top4 Flash Husapi
1st Hulk Flash Shooter Nov 15 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Beats Daveslusher-
3rd DeeszNaughts str8
1st Gush Tendrils TesTang Oct 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Dredge Teknolink
3rd FlashHulk Drizzs
1st TPS rmichaelosu Oct 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Dredge Jaum
3rd Affinity xDaN
1st Dredge |kaoz| Oct 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Flash kmlinn
3rd O G Tresh Nantuko
4th GW Weenie derflippi
1st UB Goyf Ky3 Sep 21 Trial Tournament

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