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Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

top4 Dredge Whogshrog Aug 17 Trial Tournament
1st Jacerator Control straca3 Jun 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezzerator Tinefol
3rd UBr Good Stuff Remora Kromos
1st Jacerator Control kreff Oct 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Stax WeedSeed
Top 4 UGb Fish
Top 4 Stax jfc
1st Dredge maps Aug 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezzerator manachuel
top4 Tezzerator Jingles
top4 Dredge OldHats
1st Noble Fish Ryk Jun 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezzeret Oath Frizork
3rd WUBr Fish Tinefol
1st Affinity Miqo Mar 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezz Djinn
3rd Burn KoToRRo
1st Noble Fish RDoom Mar 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezzeret the Keeper gobLinman
3rd Tezzerator Malakai97
1st Dredge Foxy Feb 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Painter Control kittykat
Top 4 Dredge noobburn
Top 4 Belcher Game187
1st Affinity r4nd0m1 Nov 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Confidant Control Ludz
3rd Painter's Grindstone colliamauro
1st Confidant Control Kromos Nov 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Dredge nemesis2br
Top 4 Mono-Black Depths darkwin
Top 4 Belcher Qamiqaze420
1st Rgb Goblins usuck Oct 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Confidant Control JedD
3rd GWb Beats Almi
1st Stax L11 Oct 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Noble Fish earlskiii
3rd Painter's Combo colliamauro
1st Manaless Ichorid Lunari_ Aug 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Workshop Aggro ykpon
3rd URg Fish Ross_Co
1st GWb Haterator Pretoriano Aug 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Urbana Fish laemcasa
Top4 Remora Control JedD
Top4 GWb Haterator Ludz
1st Tyrant Oath wox2 Jul 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Remora Control Alakai
3rd Aggro Workshop gor187
1st Noble Fish IkeReilly Jul 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Belcher Qamiqaze420

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