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Kaladesh Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Kaladesh Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Jeskai Copycat mtgmaster13 Jan 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Copycat dschidi
3rd Mardu Vehicles Damnation13
1st Jeskai CopyCat andrw1232 Jan 15 Master Tournament
2nd UB Metallurgic Control koiuki
Top4 Mardu Humans Rijsel
Top4 Marvel CopyCat dschidi
Top8 Temur Marvel babaganouch
Top8 Jeskai CopyCat Wobbles808
Top8 RW Vehicles SoupDestiny
1st BR Artifacts ModernMax Jan 14 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Superfriends PaperTyga
3rd Jeskai CopyCat Wobbles808
1st Temur Marvel babaganouch Jan 10 Normal Tournament
2nd Jund Constrictor Jinete_dV
3rd UR Dynavolt thompsonjm14
1st RW Humans Rijsel Jan 05 Trial Tournament
1st GB Delirium alomel2 Jan 01 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Dynavolt andrw1232
3rd Mardu Vehicles Jinete_dV
1st RW Equipment AlexPistols Dec 27 Trial Tournament
2nd RW Vehicles triplekriz
Top4 4C Panharmonicon djinx
Top4 Mardu Vehicles max09
1st Jeskai Control babaganouch Dec 25 Trial Tournament
1st Jeskai Control Wobbles808 Dec 23 Trial Tournament
2nd 4C Panharmonicon djinx
3rd UW Flash Snowfire
1st UR Control andrw1232 Dec 21 Trial Tournament
2nd UG Marvel dschidi
3rd Eldrazi Black Eastcider29
1st RG Energy sensiking Dec 19 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Energy Prie5t
3rd Temur Aetherworks babaganouch
1st Jeskai Control Wobbles808 Dec 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Grixis Emerge Wrinkle22
1st UG Marvel dschidi Dec 07 Trial Tournament
1st UG Marvel dschidi Dec 05 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Tempo Andrius
1st Grixis Dynavolt d3m0n Dec 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Control Wobbles808
1st Jeskai Flash sensiking Nov 30 Trial Tournament
1st Temur Marvel danet96 Nov 28 Trial Tournament
2nd GR Marvel sutlifa
3rd GB Delirium Jinete_dV
1st Mardu Vehicles Duodax Nov 27 Master Tournament
2nd RW Vehicles Strid3r
Top4 BG Delirium Wobbles808
Top4 Jeskai Control babaganouch
Top8 BG Delirium mtgmaster13

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