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Shadows over Innistrad Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Shadows over Innistrad Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

2nd Esper Dragons Wrinkle22 May 03 Trial Tournament
3rd Seasons Control Vanimufdelux
1st Bant Company MikiMas Apr 30 Trial Tournament
2nd GB Control Antalagor
1st Bant CoCo Taco_Farmer Apr 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant CoCo MikiMas
3rd Jund shadowfuryix
4th Elves Lord_Cuddles
5th GW Tokens joker9
1st GW Tokens xTc Apr 25 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Goggles heggart
3rd GB Control w1gl4f
1st RG Ramp WTF Apr 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Company OdiO_MaRiNi
1st White Weenie GiancarloExp Apr 21 Trial Tournament
2nd Grixis Dwellers Duodax
3rd GR Ramp WTF
1st Big White GiancarloExp Apr 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Company Foomanjew343
Top4 Jund JadeRa88it
Top4 BG Ramp Veraxvis
1st Bant Company ByeByeWorld Apr 17 Master Tournament
2nd Bant Company Taco_Farmer
Top4 Bant Company OdiO_MaRiNi
Top4 Grixis Dwellers Duodax
Top8 Esper Dragons Bluejay216
Top8 RG Ramp WTF
Top8 Bant Company Incontroll
Top8 Bant Company pascal3000
1st UW Aggro Mort Apr 17 Trial Tournament
2nd UR TITI MikolajDomin
3-4th BW Midrange sront
3-4th Abzan Midrange Jinete_dV
1st Jund Milo666 Apr 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Company basuldur
1st WB Control Lurtzer Apr 14 Trial Tournament
2nd W Humans w1gl4f
3rd GB Elves TheRealPlaty
4th W Humans Mort
5th GB Elves ronin283
1st Bant Company Leclairandy Apr 12 Trial Tournament
2nd WB Allies Wrinkle22
3rd Elves Lord_Cuddles
4th UR Control w1gl4f
1st Abzan Midrange Jinete_dV Apr 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Midrange Suribepe
3rd BW Control williamgrubb
4-5th BW Control sensiking
4-5th Esper Dragons TheCoolGuy
1st Jeskai Midrange Taco_Farmer Apr 11 Trial Tournament

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