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M14-M15 Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived M14-M15 Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

Top8 Bw Control Goldenas May 04 Master Tournament
1st Esper Control max09 May 03 Normal Tournament
2nd Naya Aggro boricuaheat
Top4 Bw Devotion Pringlez
Top4 GW Beats Selkie
1st WB Control Duodax May 01 Trial Tournament
2nd Wb Aggro Kabelis
3rd Esper Control vascristiano
1st WG Aggro mazaza Apr 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Hexproof Oppo
3rd Naya Hexproof batmanjoker
1st Rakdos Deck Wins Hashirama Apr 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control Zeph
3rd Boros Deck Wins derflippi
1st Esper Control ___ Apr 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Boros Deck Wins derflippi
3rd Mono Blue Devotion max09
1st Esper Control ___ Apr 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Rakdos Aggro Kabelis
Top4 Esper Control max09
Top4 Bw Control Pringlez
1st Boros Deck Wins derflippi Apr 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control ___
3rd Jund Monsters _Godica
1st Bw Control dumbrally Apr 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Aggro-Control ___
3rd Br Devotion Oppo
1st Br Devotion Oppo Apr 01 Trial Tournament
2nd Esper Control max09
Top4 GW Aggro daguob
Top4 Esper Aggro-Control Hardy
1st Jund Monsters _Godica Mar 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Orzhov Aggro kenny18O
3rd Rakdos Control Xemnon
1st Jund Rock _Godica Mar 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Bw Control dumbrally
Top4 Mono Black Devotion Scuta04
Top4 Rakdos Human Roman_
1st Naya Boggles Flash14 Mar 20 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono Black Devotion Roman_
3rd Maze End Soundgarden
1st Jund Monsters Kabelis Mar 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Boros Burn benfcted
top4 Mono Black Devotion dumbrally
top4 RG Monsters _Godica
1st Esper Control kenny18O Mar 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Black-blue Devotion xJudicatorx
1st Bw Duodax Mar 09 Master Tournament
2nd Jund kreffo
Top4 Mono Black Devotion DuckyNinja

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