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M12-M13 Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived M12-M13 Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Br Zombies DaveLombJr Aug 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Solar Flare GuilleGG
3rd Bant kratosIII
1st GW Aggro pterarch Aug 02 Trial Tournament
2nd GU Infect KriswithaK
3rd GR Aggro gigiorrr
1st UB Poison Baillo Jul 28 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Control pseudodespot
3rd UGr Ramp oravla
1st BW Tokens Zits Jul 26 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delver megajenius
3rd UW Delver Baillo
1st Mono Black Control SheerMadness Jul 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono Green Aggro redcell
3rd UW Delver Ameni
1st UB Zombies mishimakaz Jul 21 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Pod CChildress
top4 4Color Pod tommy82
top4 Talrand Delver dumbrally
1st GW Aggro Nitroks Jul 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Dungrove Green DaveLombJr
Top 4 Wolf Run Ramp dontbromebro
Top 4 Mono Blue Delver Dev
1st Naya Duodax Jul 15 Master Tournament
2nd Talrand Delver Dev
Top4 GR Aggro FDB
Top4 Naya Pod lucianoramon
Top8 White Weenie EL_MAGO
Top8 Delverless Delver undertow
Top8 BRW Reanimator _Salim_
Top8 Esper Control kratosIII
1st Zombie Pod kratosIII Jul 12 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delver Ameni
3rd UW Control kevinliu
1st Mono Green Poison romme86 Jul 10 Trial Tournament
Top3 Mono Green Aggro darkwizard42
Top3 Solar Flare Poker_is_Fun
1st Naya Pod Rath Jul 07 Trial Tournament
3rd Rancor Aggro YiiiMTG
1st Mono Green Aggro Kabelis Jul 03 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Delverless dumbrally
3rd Mono Green Poison redcell

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