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Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

2nd GR Ponza blighted_A Apr 02 Trial Tournament
3rd Jeskai AngelCat triplekriz
1st KCI Thoptersword dschidi Mar 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Eldrazi Tron Censored
Top4 Blue Moon jazzycat33
Top4 Grixis Delver gabrielpapi1
1st Eldrazi Tron Censored Mar 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Eldrazi Goldenas
3rd Jund Shadow andrw1232
1st KCI Thopter Foundry dschidi Mar 26 Master Tournament
2nd Affinity MikolajDomin
Top4 Tron Eldrazi Dantronic
Top4 Restore Balance Zrifts
Top8 Breaking/Entering ModernMax
Top8 Burn Goldenas
Top8 Bant Spirits blighted_A
Top8 UW Hatebears derflippi
1st Restore Balance Zrifts Mar 26 Trial Tournament
2nd Gifts Control d3m0n
1st 8 Rack CthulhuTim Mar 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Eldrazi Goldenas
1st Jund Deaths Shadow andrw1232 Mar 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai AngelCat dschidi
3rd Bant Spirits Lord_Cuddles
1st Abzan Jinete_dV Mar 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity MikolajDomin
3rd Bant Eldrazi Goldenas
1st Jund Death Shadow andrw1232 Mar 06 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Storm --
Top4 RG Tron Tibaltm
Top4 Saheeli Blink dschidi
1st Infect bombshell Mar 01 Trial Tournament
2nd Temur Tempo deathfaust
Top4 KCI ModernMax
Top4 Temur Tempo iKringe
1st UW Control triplekriz Feb 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Tribal Delver Grondin
3rd GB Elves Damnation13
1st Infect Goldenas Feb 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity frank456758
3rd Jeskai Aggro Gracco
1st Naya Breach dschidi Feb 09 Trial Tournament
2nd GB Tron shadowfuryix
3rd Abzan Company Snap-Bolt
1st Bant Eldrazi mtgmaster13 Feb 02 Trial Tournament
2nd Infect Tetraedar
3rd Puresteel Storm dargent4
1st Eldrazi Tron noobface Jan 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Puresteel Storm SkegVegas
3rd Bant Spirits Lord_Cuddles

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