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Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Modern Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

3rd UW Hatedrazi Rendroc Jun 27 Normal Tournament
1st Boros Burn rei4u2001 Jun 25 Master Tournament
2nd Pyromancer Ascension Nilsfit
Top4 Robots KeenoJags
Top4 Elves Suribepe
Top8 KCI Thopter Foundry dschidi
Top8 Gw Tron daminano16
Top8 Grixis Shadow Tenser
Top8 Temur Kiki Combo andrw1232
1st Affinity deathfaust May 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Eldrazi Tron Mayhem23
1st Affinity xJudicatorx May 25 Trial Tournament
1st Infect Goldenas May 20 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund dani_1
1st Affinity deathfaust May 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Breach dschidi
1st Eldrazi Tron Romulus May 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Kuldotha RG Gracco
3-4th Affinity Goldenas
3-4th Eldrazi Tron Jinete_dV
1st UW Control bombshell May 05 Trial Tournament
1st Pure Pili-ness Rendroc Apr 30 Trial Tournament
2nd Goryo Kiki Jiki ModernMax
1st Madcap Moon MoMoi4 Apr 27 Trial Tournament
1st RG Ponza MikolajDomin Apr 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Grishoalbrand Wrinkle22
1st Jeskai Control gratefuldad0 Apr 17 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Tokens triplekriz
1st Mardu Burn rei4u2001 Apr 15 Trial Tournament
1st KCI Thopter Foundry dschidi Apr 14 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Hatebears derflippi
3rd Naya Burn Carlito
1st KCI Thoptersword dschidi Apr 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity ZG-Sharke
3rd Kuldotha Aggro RW Wrinkle22
1st Ensoul Affinity Tigercub Apr 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity MikolajDomin
1st GW Elves Carlito Apr 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity xJudicatorx
3rd UW Control poke1230
Top5 Esper Control Wrinkle22
Top5 Jund Prie5t
1st GR Ponza Tamarindo Apr 02 Trial Tournament
2nd GR Ponza blighted_A
3rd Jeskai AngelCat triplekriz
1st KCI Thoptersword dschidi Mar 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Eldrazi Tron Censored
Top4 Blue Moon jazzycat33
Top4 Grixis Delver gabrielpapi1
1st Eldrazi Tron Censored Mar 27 Trial Tournament

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