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Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

top4 GB Hexmage-Scapeshift Combo sjeps Sep 29 Trial Tournament
top4 RG Scapeshift Combo SaTiVa
1st BG Cloud SkaTista Sep 23 Trial Tournament
2nd RGw Aggro Loam Lunari_
Top 4 Ranger Zoo TugaChampion
Top 4 Ranger Zoo Batutinha
1st Ug Some Level Blue ratonvaquero Sep 20 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Zoo IstvanTM
Top4 GW Haterator mrwegle
Top4 Gr Treefolk aguardia
1st Doran / R KerZia Sep 18 Trial Tournament
2nd BG Death Cloud Caith
Top4 WW Simone[ITA]
1st GW Haterator Capoeira02 Sep 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Hypergenesis prometheus
3rd Affinity Ryk
1st RWG Zoo TugaChampion Sep 13 Master Tournament
2nd UWG Bant scale
Top 4 RWG Zoo Rafakev207
Top 4 Faeries mr_thompsom
Top 8 BWG Doran HHH1
Top 8 RWG Zoo IstvanTM
Top 8 Faeries PaUl0_BRA
Top 8 RWG Zoo DOMinarian
1st Ranger Zoo Simone[ITA] Sep 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono-Blue Wizards odom_pl
3rd GRW Astral Rift ratonvaquero
1st Mono-Blue Wizards DH Sep 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Ranger Zoo Simone[ITA]
3rd Hypergenesis kiwii
1st Zoo ChouKrout Aug 24 Trial Tournament
2nd Bubble Hulk MT
3rd MonoR Burn ik
1st BGw Loam Ehri Jun 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Zoo Aditeojr
3rd Mono-U Faeries Lunari_
1st Faeries peluca Jun 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Super Naya Zoo Almi
3rd The Hypergenesis Deck Magno-
1st Affinity HolieCows May 22 Trial Tournament
2nd WW mrwegle
top4 Martyr Control killjoy84
top4 Ugw Faeries PJRamos
1st Elfball Wichtelman May 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Rift Slide etherlord
3rd MWC Zoom-Zoom
1st 5c Naya Zoo Eldariel May 14 Trial Tournament
2nd Elves! Ludz
Top 4 Mono-White Control Zoom-Zoom
Top 4 Bant Aggro LordLink

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