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Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

2nd Burn Kaesh Nov 29 Trial Tournament
3rd UW Tezzerator crappeur
1st Dark Depths JedD Nov 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Midrange Motoko
3rd Noob Zoo Magno-
1st Affinity Ayako Nov 15 Trial Tournament
2nd All-In Red Djinn
3rd Naya Loam sirkozi
1st Thopter Combo Kromos Nov 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Rubin Zoo xFreefallx
Top4 GB Death Cloud Emperok
Top4 Power Conduit Blue cherubino
1st Dredge plowerfower Nov 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Landfall Zoo khim
top4 Rubin Zoo Ennomd
top4 4c Doran Ryk
1st Scapeshift Zoo Qamiqaze420 Nov 07 Trial Tournament
2nd BWr Martyr TheDarkener
Top 4 BWr Martyr Frozen_Fire
Top 4 Thopter-Sword Simone[ITA]
1st Rubin Zoo rickyJ Nov 04 Trial Tournament
2nd 5c Doran kml_33
3rd Mono-Red Burn DragonKid
1st KaioDeck SkaTista Oct 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Rubin Zoo kurtyspice
3rd Tooth and Nail Hermit11
1st Tezzerator RiQuSP Oct 24 Master Tournament
2nd Gifts Control scale
Top4 GW Haterator mrwegle
Top4 Scapeshift Zoo Conkisstador
Top8 Cloud Rock |kaoz|
Top8 Zoo yamiyugi
Top8 Bant Simone[ITA]
Top8 Dredge ovmlcabrera
1st Basic Level Power Conduit kaas Oct 23 Trial Tournament
2nd GB Death Cloud Kromos
Top4 Grove Zoo Joyfit
Top4 Bant Aggro Simone[ITA]
1st The Hypergenesis Deck coolcreep Oct 20 Trial Tournament
2nd WU Roflthopter Control oldmac
Top 4 UB Faeries + Depths HBB_Maligno
Top 4 The Hypergenesis Deck Markwerf
1st Land Zoo KoToRRo Oct 18 Trial Tournament
2nd 5c Doran Zoo Simone[ITA]
3rd UWGb Gifts oyzar
1st Naya Zoo Simone[ITA] Oct 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Doran earlskiii
3rd Naya Zoo CPal
1st 4-Color Bant Dr_Stein Sep 29 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Haterator Capoeira02

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