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Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Pre July 2010 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st GW Aggro mrwegle Dec 30 Trial Tournament
2nd Landfall Zoo el_cuervito
top4 WWb Wichtelman
top4 KaioDeck Efrem_84
1st Scapeshift Combo Ethren Dec 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Tezzerator bertu
3rd Mono Red Burn darkwin
1st Scapeshift Lunari_ Dec 27 Master Tournament
2nd Burn noobburn
Top4 Scapeshift Caith
Top4 Thopter Control Welran
Top8 Thopter Control Kromos
Top8 Scapeshift prometheus
Top8 Bant coboney
Top8 Scapeshift Tidus-
1st All-In Red Kromos Dec 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Domain Zoo FlyingFreak
Top 4 Scapeshift Combo w3r3b34r
Top 4 BG Death Cloud Mau07
1st Tezzerator bilo Dec 22 Trial Tournament
2nd Landfall Zoo/Scapeshift Combo proxie404
3rd All-In Red Masterspeaks
1st UW Lark Ziene Dec 19 Trial Tournament
2nd UGw Goyf Blue Broncos
3rd Dredge AMER
1st Mono Red Burn removesoul Dec 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant coboney
3rd WB Martyr bighead
1st Hypergenesis il1cit Dec 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity JV_ZGZ
top4 WB Martyr gorkita
top4 Mono Red Burn usuck
1st Scapeshift Combo Ryk Dec 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Affinity Astarael
top4 Hypergenesis il1cit
top4 Tezzerator 2und40
1st Mono Red Burn marc_31 Dec 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Thopter Combo Simone[ITA]
Top4 Tezzerator MrBrett
Top4 Landfall Zoo geestyler
1st Bant coboney Dec 09 Trial Tournament
3rd Saitou Zoo coldfirero
1st Merfolk usuck Dec 05 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Aggro noobburn
Top4 Saitou Zoo RuSheR
Top4 UB Faeries LordLink
1st Red Deck Wins manachuel Dec 02 Trial Tournament
2nd GB Rock KoToRRo
3rd UW Lark KeySam
1st UR Tezzerator RiQuSP Nov 29 Trial Tournament

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