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Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Lorwyn to 2013 Extended Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

2nd RG Valakut darkwin Feb 09 Trial Tournament
3rd Naya kamotero
1st UB Faeries tomi Feb 02 Trial Tournament
2nd 4cc Control MilanoLawyer
Top4 RG Scapeshift grivas
Top4 Elves! CamilleSalat
1st Elves Dr_Stein Jan 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Valakut Ramp Bigshow
top4 Faeries Akatsuki
top4 Faeries sys_down
1st UW Control AndreSilva Jan 22 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Ramp BaronThomas
Top4 5c Control jfc
Top4 5c Control MilanoLawyer
1st Faeries P1n Jan 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya CondeDupu
top4 Jund Fauna Shaman Jeconiah
top4 Naya bob-dole
1st Jund EatsMortals Jan 14 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Trap Ramp RuSheR
Top4 Naya WeedSeed
Top4 Bant B-boy
1st 5c Control B-boy Jan 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Blightning Aggro Ciberon
top4 Jund DSD-Steve
top4 Elementals Gabodes
1st Mythic Conscription Tidus- Jan 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund mishimakaz
3rd 5cc Control MilanoLawyer
1st Naya Brasi Jan 05 Trial Tournament
2nd Red Deck Wins sgt_pepper
top4 4c Control CPal
top4 BR Aggro pablo_winner
1st WW Wichtelman Dec 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund Me_and_I
Top4 Pili Pala Architect Zapgaze
Top4 5c Control kam_d04
1st UGw Prismatic Scapeshift crappeur Dec 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Doran joselop
3rd 5 Color Control bob-dole-II
1st Elementals BandaBear Dec 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund bugaga
3rd Faeries therock88
1st Faeries Conkisstador Dec 20 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Trap Ramp Elric86
top4 Prismatic Scapeshift tg
top4 Faeries pablo_winner
1st Faeries DSD-Steve Dec 17 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Polymorph noobburn
3rd Wargate Scapeshift Noname1

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