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Older Block Constructed Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Older Block Constructed Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Mono White noobburn Nov 21 Trial Tournament
2nd Control Vampires siddh
Top4 Rg Ramp Lunari_
Top4 Aggro Vampires clemage
1st Vampires Zorb Oct 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Vampires Kromos
3rd Vampires Adrian_657
1st Vampires JBryak Oct 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Mono Red NoNFuture
Top4 Vampires Ziene
Top4 Vampires Epilogue
1st Vampires Grominou Oct 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Red Deck Wins Kaesh
3rd UWB Control Tahn
1st Vault/key combo brimstone Aug 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Storm ykpon
top4 random.dec sirkozi
top4 Haterator Caith
1st Bant Capoeira02 Jul 21 Trial Tournament
2nd 5c Cascade Duodax
3rd 5c Control Zeroo
1st 4c Cascade Ctrlqg Jul 18 Trial Tournament
2nd 5c Control Shyft-
3rd 5c Control JerB
1st 5c Control tonis69 Jul 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Serigado
Top4 GW Bant DTrooper
Top4 Esper Control therock88
1st 5c Cascade Control sandoiche Jul 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Bant Aggro IvanDano
3rd 5c Control platinum1
1st 5c Control Shooter Jun 30 Trial Tournament
2nd 4c Cascade Snakebyte22
top4 Esper Control cdubs
top4 5c Control RiQuSP
1st 4c Cascade Ludz Jun 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Sedraxis Aggro monogamy
top4 WUGbr Control Burton911
top4 5c Control TugaChampion
1st Sedraxis Aggro navajita Jun 19 Trial Tournament
2nd 5c Control -DK-
Top4 GW Little Kid DS_McWerp
Top4 5c Control Raves
1st Jund Control Duodax Jun 14 Trial Tournament
2nd GWu Aggro Grominou
3rd 4c Control fenixmatt
1st GWu Aggro etherlord Jun 08 Trial Tournament
2nd 4c Cascade DOMinarian
top4 Sedraxis Aggro cdubs
top4 Jund Control ssilver

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