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Pre Shards Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Pre Shards Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

3rd Red Deck Wins Hermit11 Dec 21 Trial Tournament
1st Jund Xarls Dec 17 Trial Tournament
2nd MonoB Vampires Hmmmmmm
top4 Grixis Control Nix87
top4 UW Control el_cuervito
1st Red Deck Wins Sampo Dec 14 Trial Tournament
2nd Sedraxis Aggro Schimaera
top4 Jund usuck
top4 Jund ryuzaki
1st Mono Red Aggro brimstone Dec 11 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Tokens L11
3rd Jund bailey72
1st UR Owl combomaster Dec 10 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control Pegachris
top4 Naya mcantinp
top4 Spread'em TheBaLRoG
1st UW Control pablo_winner Dec 06 Master Tournament
2nd Bant GFSS
Top4 It's a Trap! Lat[GRC]
Top4 Eldrazi Elves Dr_Stein
Top8 Owl r4nd0m1
Top8 Bant NoNFuture
Top8 Jund ZxcV
Top8 Boros Bushwhacker Ennomd
1st It's A Trap! Lat[GRC] Dec 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund Blightning bubbafisk
3rd UW Control Djinn
1st Red Deck Wins Djinn Nov 30 Trial Tournament
2nd 4-Color Cascade XZERO
Top 4 WUR Control 2und40
Top 4 GWB Lotus Rock lebreu
1st Jund Blightning bailey72 Nov 28 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund Blightning stephen_bonf
3rd Jund Blightning -DK-
1st Jund Blightning stephen_bonf Nov 27 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund Blightning DevonKyle
3rd Jund Blightning speed007
1st GWb Lotus Rock ratonvaquero Nov 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund TKR
Top 4 UW Jacerator P1n
Top 4 GW Aggro noobburn
Top 2 Mono Red Aggro Djinn Nov 22 Master Tournament
Top 2 Mono Red Aggro brimstone
Top 4 Jund Miqo
Top 4 UW Jacerator plowerfower
Top 8 Jund Escaffi
Top 8 Jund Capoeira02
Top 8 Jund BRAYAN
Top 8 UWR Control Ehri
1st Jund Miqo Nov 20 Trial Tournament

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