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Pre Shards Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Pre Shards Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st UW Control soy_tu_dios? Mar 06 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Eldrazi Simone[ITA]
Top4 Jund Tel
Top4 MonoRed nopenopenope
1st Jund Lincao Mar 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund Plebe
Top4 Bant SidMeier
Top4 GW Ramp manachuel
1st Ramp Naya marc_31 Feb 27 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Valakut DH
3rd WW Mystic kris_odara
1st Vampires Xerocious Feb 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund mr_thompsom
3rd Boss Zoo TugaChampion
1st Mystic WWg Caith Feb 18 Trial Tournament
2nd Br Vampires Tuffy
Top 4 Dark Bant Trap LedZep
Top 4 Jund SkaP
1st Eldrazi Green noobburn Feb 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Mystic WWg Christopholo
3rd UW Control Nickname7
1st Jund meagel Feb 16 Trial Tournament
2nd UWR Control Simone[ITA]
3rd UR Runeflare rafaruggi
top2 4c Midrange ovmlcabrera Feb 14 Master Tournament
top2 Jund Duodax
top4 Boros Bushwacker ykpon
top4 Grixis Control ik
top8 Jund kreff
top8 Red Deck Wins TEEBWAG
top8 MonoB Vampires BarneyStinso
top8 UW Control Chefy
1st Jund Djinn Feb 10 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control Ludz
3rd Mystic Bant Caith
1st RGB Ramp Orgios Feb 08 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control KoToRRo
3rd Eldrazi Green p_dadi24
1st Mystic WW Comodope Feb 06 Trial Tournament
2nd Jund kimtheater
3rd RDW Der_Unkel
1st The BazaaR Zapgaze Feb 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Boros Bushwacker ykpon
3rd Dark Bant Trap BarneyStinso
1st RG Valakut Ramp Kiritoarch Feb 03 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Polymorph BarneyStinso
top4 Turbo Fog maximiliano
top4 Dark Bant Trap Froyli
1st Boros Bushwacker ykpon Feb 01 Trial Tournament
2nd Owl-Turbo Fog combomaster

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