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Zendikar to M13 Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Zendikar to M13 Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st BW Tempered Steel Majesty Feb 03 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Architect-Delver EL_MAGO
3rd Red Deck Wins pankill
1st UB Control basmelis Jan 27 Trial Tournament
2nd WWu Humans kiwii
3rd WWu Humans maps
1st UB Control coolcreep Jan 20 Trial Tournament
2nd 4-Color Control Semaj
3rd Equip Delver BaronT
1st Grixis Control Tidus- Jan 17 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Midrange Listenboi
3rd Bu Infect Devkarven
1st URw Delver straca3 Jan 13 Trial Tournament
2nd UBg Control bingoking123
Top 4 Red Deck Wins timburr
Top 4 BR Control lucksick
1t UW Delver Tidus- Jan 06 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Weenie Necratal
3rd RG Kessig Wolf Ramp SilverMcHowl
1st UWB Control bingoking123 Jan 03 Trial Tournament
2nd 4c Kessig Wolf Ramp GBatista
top4 RG Wolf Run xDaN
top4 GW Tokens Miqo
1st UW Illusions straca3 Dec 30 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Delver Top8eR
3rd URW Delver Joseki
1st UR Delver Bonimc Dec 24 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Illusions xDaN
3rd UW Illusions globe23
1st UW Illusions straca3 Dec 22 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Aggro bilo
3rd WUB Control kevinliu
1st Steel mvendak Dec 18 Normal Tournament
2nd Solar Flare ronin283
3rd Kessig Ramp bosty
1st UW Illusions sakita Dec 16 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Kessig Ramp Hokuto
Top WWu bingoking123
Top4 UW Steel Naisirc
1st Tempered Steel Ludz Dec 08 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Illusions BandaBear
top4 UW Aggro xTc
top4 UW Illusions jdavies1214
1st UWb PV Special JPablo Dec 01 Trial Tournament
2nd GW Tokens Miqo
3rd UW Illusions Gero789
1st RG Wolf Run magicrichi Nov 24 Trial Tournament
2nd UW Control Ryk
3rd WWu yarlei
1st GW Tokens espumito Nov 20 Master Tournament

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