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Zendikar to M13 Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Zendikar to M13 Standards Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

3rd Izzet Delver mishimakaz May 22 Trial Tournament
1st Mono Blue Architect Pokemaster May 20 Master Tournament
2nd Wolf Run Ramp Mitchmachine
Top4 WB Control pseudodespot
Top4 Souls Ramp Teknolink
Top8 Naya Pod navajita
Top8 Esper Control Alpha_n1
Top8 GR Aggro daguob
Top8 GW Aggro XZERO
1st RG Aggro kamotero May 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Pod lucianoramon
3rd RG Kessig Wolf Ramp Pokemaster
1st UW Delver Ameni May 15 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Pod SteveOB
3rd UW Delver prostix
1st RG Aggro DSD-Steve May 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Naya Pod BaronT
Top4 GWU AggroControl yarlei
Top4 RB Control mtgsoldier
1st Solar Flare JPablo May 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Control Red Wins Kabelis
top4 BU Zombies GBatista
top4 RG Aggro DSD-Steve
1st Esper Control Ginesmm94 May 01 Trial Tournament
2nd WW Human Wichtelman
Top4 WW Human Pokemaster
Top4 Big Red Kabelis
1st RG Aggro Roman_ Apr 24 Trial Tournament
2nd WU Humans Ameni
top4 WUB Control Dvale123110
top4 WUB Planeswalker Control GBatista
Top8 RG Ramp Mitchmachine Apr 22 Master Tournament
Top8 UB Control Simone[ITA]
Top8 Esper Control DaveLombJr
Top8 UW Delver bludwurk
Top8 UW Delver mchosa
Top8 RGw AggroPod BaronT
Top8 WB Token Wichtelman
Top8 UW Delver Brasi
1st WUB Control crappeur Apr 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Frites DSD-Steve
top4 UB Heartless Summoning thedonwald
top4 RG Aggro EL_MAGO
1st Frites DSD-Steve Apr 14 Trial Tournament
2nd BW Control Wichtelman
top4 UR Delver Deck Wins wiltstorm
top4 UW Delver LuckyDucky
1st UB Control Simone[ITA] Apr 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Frites archmage521
top4 UWb Delver Kurtgrunge

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