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Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Other Fun Formats Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

Top4 Dromar Control(Invasion) Dr_Jozeca Jan 23 Trial Tournament
1st Eldrazi Conscription Annul Jan 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Faeries _Godica
3rd UG Madness Uroboros
1st WG Quest zoxic99 Jan 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Sneak & Show Steveman
3rd Izzetron mishimakaz
1st Goblins coolcreep Dec 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Zombie pankill
3rd Phyrexian Altar Combo Finespoo
1st UW Control el_focker Dec 09 Trial Tournament
2nd White Weenie bugaga
3rd Esper Control ed_slaying
4th GWb Midrange fierybolt
1st BYOT2 - Mythic Conscription sandoiche Nov 03 Trial Tournament
2nd BYOT2 - Slivers coboney
3rd BYOT2 - Delver akill
1st 5c Control (Lorwyn-Shadowmoor) gypsy Jun 16 Trial Tournament
2nd WW Humans (Innistrad) Wichtelman
3rd UB Faeries (Lorwyn-Shadowmoor) jfc
1st Scepter MUC lucianoramon Jun 02 Trial Tournament
2nd WW Wichtelman
Top4 UW Control mishimakaz
Top4 BG Ramp Duodax
1st Jund (July 2010) Mortuus May 19 Trial Tournament
2nd Mythic Conscription (July 2010) silverbullet
Top 4 Midrange Red (July 2008) mtgsoldier
Top 4 UG Madness (August 2003) Machinegun
1st UB Faeries (Lorwyn-Shadowmoor) magicrichi Apr 21 Trial Tournament
2nd Kithkins (Lorwyn-Shadowmoor) MilanoLawyer
3rd Mannequin Control (LRW-SHM) lucianoramon
1st White Weenie silverbullet Mar 24 Trial Tournament
2nd White Weenie DSD-Steve
Top4 WW Martyr Wichtelman
Top4 GWb Midrange DenisSinner
1st Tinker (June 2000) harsh Mar 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Fires (July 2001) Kaesh
3rd Faeries (July 2008) DARKING
1st GWB Tokens (Innistrad) coolcreep Feb 18 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Faeries (Lorwyn-Shadowmoor) Duodax
3rd WW Kithkin (Lorwyn-Shadowmoor) Zoan
1st Merfolk AEonFlux Jan 22 Trial Tournament
2nd White Weenie Caw-Blade Cloudy-Sky
3rd MonoBlue Owl Canabiest
1st UB Control qwert10 Jan 14 Trial Tournament
2nd UWb Storm xJudicatorx
3rd MonoGreen Infect Mystikal
1st Red Deck Wins (July 2008) mishimakaz Dec 31 Trial Tournament
2nd UB Faeries (July 2008) xJudicatorx
3rd Mythic Conscription (July 2010) Rishi

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