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MYOS Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived MYOS Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

Top 4 Painter's Stone (TEM-LRW-5E) tonis69 Jun 19 Trial Tournament
1st Faeries (KAM-LRW/SHM-7th) Shooter Jul 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Faeries (KAM-LRW/SHM-7th) RiQuSP
3rd Natural Progenitus (ALA-MI-6th) mrwegle
1st Painter's Stone (TEM-LOR-7th) Lunari_ May 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Intuition Control (TEM-LOR-5th) Caith
Top 4 Gu Beats (MIR-LOR-10th) SchwipSchwap
Top 4 Big Red (MIR-LOR-10th) mrwegle
1st LRW-INV-7E BW Control Cosmo Dec 08 Trial Tournament
2nd LRW-IA-7E Ub Faeries Teknolink
Top4 LRW-ON-7E Mono U Wizards Ehri
Top4 LRW-OD-10E Doran Rock mrwegle
1st 7E-OD-RAV Friggorid Naemen Nov 25 Trial Tournament
2nd 10E-IN-LRW Aggro Rock manachuel
3rd 6E-TSP-LRW Ub Faeries Wichtelman
1st Rg Goblins (URZ-ONS-10th) [BRAYAN] Oct 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Living Rec Sur (TEM-TSP-10th) Zerotlr
Top 4 Reanimator (ODY-ONS-5th) leonin5
Top 4 Ichorid (ODY-RAV-7th) Terminus-Est
1st Ponza (TEM-MRD-5E) derflippi Aug 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Enchantress (URZ-LOR-6E) Mr_DoomZ
3rd GBW Doran (TSP-LOR-10E) marc_31
1st Goblins (URZ-ONS-10th) Kaesh Aug 04 Trial Tournament
2nd Control Stone (TEM-LOR-7th) Lunari_
3rd Combo Stone (TEM-LOR-7th) Dakh
1st RAV_LRW_7th Doran Rock Noname1 Apr 27 Trial Tournament
2nd TE_ONS_10th Survival Life ykpon
3rd RAV_LRW_9th Gruul Shatta
1st US/MM/6th Chimera thedarkness Dec 31 Trial Tournament
2nd OD/ON/9th Wake TwoTrees
3rd MR/TSP/7th Tooth and Nail HolieCows

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