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Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Vintage Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Jeskai Pyromancer Jinete_dV Sep 30 Trial Tournament
1st UR Thing in the Ice adalid Sep 24 Trial Tournament
1st UW Standstill Zolun Aug 06 Trial Tournament
2nd 4C Mentor YakuzaXRock_
3rd Grixis Therapy max09
1st Dredge w1gl4f Jul 17 Trial Tournament
2nd White Eldrazi dinomaster
1st Eldrazi Strid3r Jul 03 Trial Tournament
1st UR TITI Gush adalid Apr 16 Trial Tournament
2nd Oath of Druids Wackei
3rd Jeskai Control Foomanjew343
1st Sultai Fish j0nas Apr 10 Trial Tournament
2nd Shops Jinete_dV
1st Ravager Shops Mort Apr 09 Trial Tournament
2nd Sultai Fish j0nas
3rd Ravager Shops Jinete_dV
1st BUG Fish triplekriz Jan 31 Trial Tournament
2nd Shops shadowfuryix
3rd UWR Pyro abzanasshole
1st Temur Delver Sabertooth20 Jan 30 Trial Tournament
2nd UR Delver Speedbump
1st Jeskai Mentor Jinete_dV Sep 27 Trial Tournament
1st Hangarback Shops FREDDYJSG Sep 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Grixis Theives ishumprod
1st Oath seeBanane Aug 29 Trial Tournament
2nd Sultai Fish Dead_Parrot
3rd Dredge jatienza_4
1st MUD Strid3r Apr 12 Trial Tournament
2dn Gush Control Goldenas
1st BUG Strid3r Sep 14 Trial Tournament
2nd BUG Gwaney
1st BUG Fish mister_milk May 12 Trial Tournament
2nd Terra Nova warwizard87
3rd Jace Control kam_d04
1st Jace Control kamotero Oct 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Jace Control max09
3rd Stax moscowdemon
1st Noble Fish Duodax Jun 30 Trial Tournament
2nd TurboTezz lucianoramon
3rd Espresso Stax Baillo
1st GW AntiMUD Ffancrzy Jan 28 Trial Tournament
2nd MUD Miqo
Top4 Affinity YakuzaXRock_
Top4 GWr Haterator derflippi
1st MUD kamotero Nov 13 Trial Tournament
2nd Kuldotha MUD fierybolt
3rd UR Landstill Incontroll
1st MUD Miqo Aug 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Staxless Stax quantumquint
top4 Elves Ansore

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