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Kaladesh Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks

Below you see the archived Kaladesh Standard Magic: the Gathering Decks. Some of the top ones might also be in the main deck index, so then you'd just need to scroll down a bit.

1st Mardu Vehicles Jinete_dV Mar 24 Trial Tournament
2nd GB Constrictor Xtracorrupt
1st Mardu Vehicles Jinete_dV Mar 22 Trial Tournament
1st BR Dredge deathfaust Mar 17 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Cat noxus_angel
1st 4C Copycat andrw1232 Mar 13 Trial Tournament
2nd RG Pummeler Prie5t
3rd Vehicles Copycat derflippi
1st Mardu Vehicles long-jumper_ Mar 09 Trial Tournament
2nd RW Dwarves Damnation13
1st 4C Copycat Jinete_dV Mar 08 Trial Tournament
2nd Sultai Delirium Mearini
1st 4C Copycat Wrinkle22 Mar 03 Trial Tournament
2nd Mardu Vehicles Lord_Cuddles
1st 4C Copycat gildartzpt Feb 25 Trial Tournament
2nd Temur Marvel Goldenas
3rd GB Aggro Jinete_dV
1st Jeskai Copycat noobface Feb 20 Trial Tournament
2nd GBw Aggro triplekriz
3rd GB Delirium Grondin
Top5 Mardu Vehicles sd27
Top5 4C Copycat Censored
1st GB Aggro Jinete_dV Feb 15 Trial Tournament
2nd 5C Copy Cat Censored
3rd Sultai Marvel dschidi
1st Grixis Expertise MikolajDomin Feb 11 Trial Tournament
2nd Mardu Vehicles Jinete_dV
1st GB Delirium long-jumper_ Feb 07 Trial Tournament
2nd Jeskai Copy Cat andrw1232
1st Mardu Vehicles Jinete_dV Feb 05 Master Tournament
2nd Mardu Vehicles dschidi
Top4 Mardu Vehicles Wobbles808
Top4 Mardu Vehicles Blargh1111
Top8 Jeskai Copy Cat andrw1232
Top8 Vehicles Copy Cat Wrinkle22
Top8 Mardu Vehicles pan_klobouk
Top8 Jeskai Control babaganouch
1st 5C Snake Copycat Gracco Feb 04 Trial Tournament
2nd 4C Marvel Copycat dschidi
1st Sultai Midrange Andrew Feb 01 Trial Tournament
2nd 5C CounterCat Gracco
1st GB Aggro Mearini Jan 23 Trial Tournament
2nd Marvel CopyCat Wobbles808
3rd Marvel CopyCat SoupDestiny
Top5 Temur Dynavolt Andrew
Top5 GB Aggro long-jumper_
1st RW Human Keykun Jan 19 Trial Tournament
2nd RB Eldrazi Gracco
Top4 Marvel Cat Ephara
Top4 Eldritch Evolution winzip

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